Protein shake (22g) choc/strawb. UFIT £1.00 @ Tesco

Protein shake (22g) choc/strawb. UFIT £1.00 @ Tesco

Found 18th Jul 2014
ufit protein shake half price in tesco. Strawberry and Choc. taste nice and 22gs of Protein. I drink alot of Protein and therefore declare this a good deal. no added sugar, 2g sat fats (bit high but treat yourself).

yellow shelf edge label so guessing its national.
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that's rob.
how does a tesco chocolate milkshake compare?
Goes well with this
Why is this cold? (it was in the fridge tbh)
Just buy whey and make your own. These are all just gimmicks; no good for long term, seriously health conscious people. These are for sheep tbh.
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