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Posted 13 December 2022

PRS SE Silver Sky in Moon White electric guitar - £599 Delivered @ Andertons

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Price drop on a Silver Sky in a colour other than green. Seems a few places have this colour now at this price but I picked Andertons cos I like them!

For those wanting a SE Silver Sky at this price but have been put off by green being the only option, well here you are.

Key Features

Poplar Body — Often likened to Alder, Poplar is comparably balanced in sound with a slightly lighter feel.

Bolt-On Construction — Produces a snappy note response for an immediate playing experience.

25.5" Scale Length — Provides optimal string tension; letting you dig in for funky "New Light"-style chords while allowing for soulful, expressive string bends.

Maple Neck with Original '635JM' Carve — Based on the same custom neck shape used for Mayer's USA Silver Sky. According to Lee Anderton, PRS "nailed" it! Features a satin-style finish for a natural playing feel.

Rosewood Fingerboard — A luxurious, silky material that enhances mid-range warmth. Comes fitted with 22 frets and boasts PRS' trademark 'Small Bird' inlays.

8.5" Fingerboard Radius — Offers a slightly flatter and more contemporary feel than the vintage-inspired 7.25" radius on the Core Silver Sky.

635JM "S" Pickups — Designed to capture the sound of the single-coils in the USA Silver Sky, these pickups "bark and sing" according to PRS!

5-Way Pickup Switching — Provides a wide sonic palette; letting you isolate each pickup or combine the middle single-coil with the bridge/neck pickups for those classic "in-between" tones.

2-Point Steel Tremolo — A reliable bridge that enables smooth vibrato whenever inspiration strikes.

Vintage-Style Tuners — Possess a classy, traditional look and allow for precise string pitching.

Included PRS SE Gig Bag — High-quality design ensures solid protection for the instrument.
Andertons More details at Andertons
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    Since when do we worry about justifying a guitar purchase
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    Considering how well the core version was received and how close reviews are between the core and se versions, without having played either, this may be one of the best budget friendly guitars available
    I have both this and a Tribute Legacy and it's night and day. This smokes the Leo, I'm afraid - both in tone and playability. Could NEVER get the action right on the G&L, this was perfect from the start. There'll be a surf green legacy on eBay soon. I'll always love my Tribute ASAT though. That is a dream Tele.
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    If only i could play the thing
    You don't have to be able to play it to own it. I've 4 guitars and can't play them
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    I wish I could justify this. The only really nice look in the range IMO.
  5. Avatar
    As a man once said ...all you need is 3 chords and the truth

    .....in fact all you need to learn is 1

    A barre cord (edited)
    Or tune to a cord and play with 1 finger
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    Would this be on a par with a Fender Mexican Strat?

    Thinking about buying this....I just can't get over the headstock, just looks wrong on a strat body guitar (edited)
    I've never played one but in reviews when comparing to fender mexican strats this usually comes out on top. I own 2 other PRS guitars and build quality is fantastic. Not always true with fenders.