PS+ Extra 12 Month Subscription £18.84 @ PlayStation PSN Store Turkey - Incs. Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Stray + More

Posted 22nd Jun 2022
NOTE: Priced at 400 TL from launch on 23/06/22, GBP cost based on currency conversion as of 22/06/22.

NOTE: Extra Tier subscription on Turkey region PSN store will allow access to the catalogue of (up to) 400 games including the first party titles noted above, please also bear in mind that the Premium Tier subscription will NOT be available in Turkey, instead it will be replaced by a Deluxe Tier that includes access to a limited number of PS1, PS2 & PSP Classic titles plus game trials. If you prefer, the Deluxe Tier subscription will be available for 460 TL per 12 months, equivalent to £21.64 as of 22/06/22.

Please understand that if the known working payment cards are blocked in the future, you may be left without a method for renewing the subscription as PSN gift cards DO NOT exist for the Turkey Store. Consider stacking subscriptions where applicable.

Please familiarise yourself with the payment method guide including a discussion of known workarounds here:…645

NOTE: It is likely that PS+ subscription purchases (and upgrades from Essential Tier subscriptions) will need to be initiated from the console or PS app, from my own testing on the Indonesian store you may otherwise experience some issues doing so via the PlayStation website.

UPDATE: Note that you can no longer add a new virtual visa card to a new PSN account or re-add an existing card to an existing PSN account, however the payment method remains working where your card is ALREADY TIED to a PSN account. DO NOT unlink your card, or your fun (i.e. getting games on the cheap from India or Turkey) is over.

Note that it remains possible to add new cards to new PSN accounts and to re-add cards to existing accounts etc.
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edit: added what you get for each tier
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