PS MOTION Controller 22.99 *instore* @ Currys
PS MOTION Controller 22.99 *instore* @ Currys

PS MOTION Controller 22.99 *instore* @ Currys

Buy forBuy forBuy for£23
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brother just bought one from wakefield- possible pricing error


was it marked up at this price? or did it scan this price at the till


The move controller is only £17.99 on amazon

the link goes to the navigation controller not the move controller.


http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/sony-move-navigation-controller-06874902-pdt.htmlonline and reserve and collect too !!! hot

Thats the nav controller op pic shows the move controller with the orb

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marked up at that price and sold for that price!

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dont know how the image or the link got on there but its definately the move controller NOT the navigation controller. like i said, the price should be for the navi but its maked on the move for whatever reason.


The move controller is only £17.99 on amazon

The move controller is £39.99 and the navigation controller £17.99 on Amazon.

It's my phone should of said motion not move

so before i trek 19 miles to possibly get this bargain... is it the move controller with the orb or is it the navigation controller?

PC World Staples Corner (London) has it marked for £29.99, OP can you check your receipt.

Does it show the item description and price correctly?
According to this store the SKU is: 033922, if your receipt has the code: 733630 then it must of been an error for that's for the nav controller.
Does it show any indication of a price override by a staff member?

Not going to bother staff scanning the motion controller when it's clearly marked for £29.99.

Happy gaming,

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its the motion. sorry should have said motion not move. its my first ever post so sorry for any misunderstanding

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basically i had the motion pre-ordered from currys because i had some money on a voucher card that wanted rid of. also ordered fro £30 on play. Play one arrived a day early (thursday). so i wasnt too fussed about the motion controller had waiting at currys so i sent my brother to collect today.
he's got the MOTION for the navi price.
so the navi should be £23 but they are selling the motion for that price do to a pricing error, not just on the label but seemingly on the syastem as well.
i've double checked with him and he's got the controller already, and yes he knows the difference between the two.
i dont need more then two so get in there before they realise thier mistake!

The navigation controller is only £19.99 in Asda.

You can get the navigation controller for £17.99 on Amazon and I think play.com has it at that price too

Could you ask your brother to look at the receipt and answer the questions I previously posted?
Thanks in advance.


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amended to say motion as its obviously confusing people

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have asked but he's at work so will try again.

guess the op got confused between move and navigation controller, his bro wud hav possible got a navigation controller for 22.99 as same price online aswell.

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no i know the difference i just tend to ignore the navi and use move and motion interchangeably. i've been using the motion to play the demos. i'm also not normally this inarticulate but i'm baby sitting my 8 month old and he's not letting me sit on the pc for too long.

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just seen the receipt, the item was priced up wrong and the person at the till discounted it without letting my brother know.
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