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Posted 1 May 2024

PS Plus Essential (May) - EA Sports FC 24, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, Destiny 2: Lightfall

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Update 1
EA Sports FC 24 available till 18th July. Other titles now expired
PlayStation Plus games for May are announced and will go live on Tuesday 7th of May at 10 AM.

EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition | PS4, PS5

EA Sports FC 24 marks the beginning of the future of football. Built on innovation and authenticity, feel closer to the game in the most true-to-football experience yet with the best players from the biggest clubs, leagues, and competitions around the globe. Experience unparalleled realism in every match thanks to three cutting-edge technologies: HyperMotionV, PlayStyles optimized by Opta, and the enhanced Frostbite Engine. With more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues including the men’s and women’s UEFA Champions League, EA Sports FC 24 brings unrivalled authenticity to the pitch.

Ghostrunner 2 | PS5

Survive a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future in this intense and immersive first-person experience, which builds on the fast-paced action of the original. As before, it’s a one-hit kill scenario: fight through enemies without taking damage yourself. But in this sequel, there are numerous combat improvements, non-linear levels with complex motorbike sections and exciting new modes. Your new skills allow you to be more creative and take on even the most demanding encounters with greater accessibility… however, your foes behave uniquely depending on the skills used on them, providing a fresh challenge with each encounter.

Tunic | PS4, PS5
Explore a hostile and intricately-connected world of shady forests, sprawling ruins, and labyrinthine catacombs in this stylish isometric adventure. Discover hidden treasures and secret techniques to help you on your way. Clash with colossal beasts and smaller enemies deep beneath the earth, high above the clouds and in places stranger still. All will test your knowledge of technical combat as you courageously dodge, block, parry and strike to conquer them. Collect the missing manual pages, bursting with hints and original full-color illustrations.

Destiny 2: Lightfall*** | PS4, PS5

This Destiny 2 expansion takes Guardians to Neptune to discover a neon metropolis unlike anything you’ve exploded in Destiny 2 before. Meet the Cloud Striders, join the fight against the Shadow Legion, and prevent devastation in the technologically advanced secret city of Neomuna. Arm yourself with new rewards and unlock new Dark powers with the new Strand subclass: flow through the city with newfound speed as you grapple from building to building. Every class can tap into this new element, but it’s up to you to create the perfect build.

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack

PlayStation Plus members can also kickstart their Football Ultimate Team experience or build up their existing squad with the PlayStation Plus Football Ultimate Team Starter Pack. This pack includes 11 untradeable players rated 82 or above, alongside one of football’s all-time greats as an ICON Loan Player Pick for seven games.
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  1. ranjb's avatar
    Amy discounts to he had with psn gift cards. My essential sub is about to run out...
    SnoopZ's avatar
    Next PS+ deal is expected at the start of June like last year so either wait or just buy 1 month now(turn off auto renewal), then you will be in sync for 25% off Plus every 12 months and then buy using Shopto topups for a further savings. (edited)
  2. sazza2608's avatar
    Why can't they go live on 1st of each month ?
    the-running-man's avatar
    They go live on the first Tuesday of each month, except when it falls on the 1st.
    That wasy, you know exactly when they are announced and they never release on a weekend.
  3. Hecklersfieldday's avatar
    Tunic and Ghostrunner 2 are both absolutely phenomenal games.
  4. DJSlime's avatar
    I platinumed Tunic fairly recently; I was expecting a decent Zelda clone, but apart from looking slightly like Link, it's nothing like Zelda. You feel smart when you solve puzzles, but I think some of them are a little too much. It's also tough, even on regular difficulty. The music is good, at least. Overall, it's a 6/10; it's certainly overrated. (edited)
    Gamblor64's avatar
    I played it on invincibility mode lol. No way I was attempting getting the true ending either. The music is brilliant though.

    Death's door came out around the same time and was similar vibe but way way better imo
  5. Shukazu's avatar
    Mid games, could be better
    jiggerjay's avatar
    Jeez ain't no pleasing everyone! Great lineup if you ask me, something for everyone
  6. the-running-man's avatar
    Tunic, nice.
  7. phil.arnell's avatar
    Got the platinum on Ghostrunner 2. I recommend
    Xorro's avatar
    Did you do the first one? Interested to know how they compare.
  8. Smash41's avatar
    I purchased Tunic a few weeks ago. You're all welcome.
    jonrobertson's avatar
    Could you buy Spider-Man 2 in time for June, please
  9. JustinGabriel's avatar
    Yeah put EA FC on PLUS after me buying the physical last week 🫣
    Moody_Cloud's avatar
    Thank you for your sacrifice.
  10. garnerw's avatar
    Anyone know of any cheap options for PS Plus? UK though can't get me head around the Turkey thing
    Gary_K's avatar
    Depends if you're prepared to wait. Mine renews around black Friday when there is always some kind of deals. Also you can buy ps5 gift cards from cd keys or similar which can help knock the cost down
  11. liaketali's avatar
    Is Destiny 2 Lightfall playable as a single player campaign?
    If it's only multi-player then are new Destiny 2 players at an extreme disadvantage against the current experienced players?
    Chazza45's avatar
    Yes, the campaign itself you can play on your own. However, there are certain multiplayer free roam objectives you might have to do alongside the players in the same free roam lobby/server to unlock certain weapons, etc. At the end of the day it is a shoot to loot and is quite the grind to get the 'meta' builds.
    The only pvp multiplayer aspect in the 'crucible' is the most disheartening mode to play and get into, but that might be my reflexes slowing down lol
  12. AK786's avatar
    Fc 24! Big W. Didn't wanna buy it but will defo play for free😁
    Rohan_Arjoon's avatar
    Yep same, been wanting to play career mode but FIFA is such a waste of money nowdays
  13. combat_honey's avatar
    It's not this year's COD, The Last of Us 3, and GTA6, so a pretty weak month. Hmph.
    IFRIT's avatar
    Some people on here really think the pennies they pay per game can pay for that.
  14. Jomo284's avatar
    clavier3895's avatar
    yup, it's crazy how much better xbox game pass is with their releases, a lot of big titles are released day 1
  15. Craig2023's avatar
    FC24 fits that wonderful category of games I absolutely loathe but have spent an ungodly amount of time playing

    Absolutely terrible but enjoy opening the packs (albeit I never pay a penny to them or buy them from the store)
    Indigorush's avatar
    I think this is how most people feel about it. Rage inducing, yet very addictive.

    No doubt designed that way.

    I won’t let myself play it anymore.
  16. Indigorush's avatar
    Already have EA FC 24 and stopped playing a couple of months ago (because it is rage inducing).

    More DLC for a game I couldn’t care less for.

    2 games I have never heard of.

    A standard month really!
    Dantess's avatar
    If you've never heard of Tunic or Ghostrunner I don't think you're keeping up with modern gaming anyway. They barely ever give away big titles in the monthly games, so you're unlikely to get that many mote "bigger" games than Ghostrunner anyway to be honest
  17. ChristopherDias's avatar
    Amazing month for me. Wanted fifa or NHL , played a bit of tunic on gamepass and the first ghostrunner was awesome. One of the best months ever.
    bones79's avatar
    Yeah, same here, now I just need to keep an eye on eBay for NHL
  18. paulde2007's avatar
    So there are 4 games and 2 are for ps5 only. Wow. Thibk I may stop pay9ng them money
    IFRIT's avatar
    How about buying a modern console...
  19. dbb298's avatar
    Brilliant month for me as wanted Tunic and Ghostrunner 2. I'm still on PS4 so think this will nudge me to finally get a PS5 as more and more games I want to play are PS5 only now. It's on Essential so I can add it to my library to play at a later date.
  20. jimbo001's avatar
    A brilliant month, genuinely surprised.
  21. sjr88's avatar
    meh games for me
  22. jonrobertson's avatar
    Phenomenal month!
  23. DevilWithin's avatar
    Lightfall's campaign will make you want your PS Plus membership fee back!
    Moody_Cloud's avatar
    No it won't.
  24. BIGPHIL69's avatar
    Big month, nearly bought 3 out of those 4 in a recent sale
  25. jamie1156's avatar
    TUNIC!!! NICE!!!
  26. alexmurphy01's avatar
    I’ve started Tunic about 5 times so maybe this is the push to actually do it. Or maybe I’ll ignore it and keep playing FF7Rebirth. Haven’t tried Ghostrunner 2 but I was not very good at the original!
  27. mampuya_.'s avatar
    FC 24, how the mighty have fallen. So happy I've decided against buying this garbage this year... I'll definitely give it a go for free though!
    Ross_Lynch's avatar
    It's the best one yet
  28. caligari's avatar
    Tunic is one of the best games I have played for a long time. The soundtrack too is just fantastic.
  29. TheAmazingNoob's avatar
    Ghostrunner 2 was on my wishlist so that's saved me a chunk of change, not interested in the rest
  30. darkstryder360's avatar
    I'm more shocked at Ghostrunner 2, didn't that just come out?
  31. g00ner82's avatar
    Rubbish again
  32. CrisisAction's avatar
    This is the best lineup I've seen in a long time!
  33. badbunny42's avatar
    Tunic is on my wish list
  34. D_GA2E's avatar
    I'm personally very happy with FC 24
  35. TankDeal's avatar
    Ghostrunner 2 and Tunic are defo good.
    To bad ive sold PS5.
    GOODSTUFF's avatar
    trust me, ps5 just aint it. I had it since launch day in 2020 could never see the hype. I feel sorry for those that bought from scalpers especially for like double price
  36. iFierceleon_Lee's avatar
    Any cheap ps plus subscription for uk
  37. quaddamag3's avatar
    Decent games for me. 🫡🫡🫡
  38. DeadpanDan's avatar
    Arrrrrggggghhhh Bought Tunic a few weeks ago as I was sick of waiting! You're welcome.
    DeadpanDan's avatar
    Actually - just checked - my PS+ has just expired, so no great loss.
  39. kissmyfurrybutt's avatar
    Looks decent to me
  40. DuncTT's avatar
    Tunic is good but difficult, the rest are a miss for me.
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