PS Vita Console - £120.00 at ASDA Direct

PS Vita Console - £120.00 at ASDA Direct

Found 7th Dec 2014
Hi All

Thought I would share although you don't get the mega pack, which Argos had for £9, this still seems a good deal in my opinion. I believe this is the Slim model as I couldn't see any mention of model in the description.

Just thought I would share



Damaged Packaging
Please be aware that the product packaging for this item is damaged. Actual product is in original manufacturer's condition.
- tallpete33
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With 16gb memory card and 8 games not the better choice?
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All fat models have been discontinued so I doubt it'd be an old model, the main reason for this was to get more users to buy the slim version
It says it has an OLED screen on the Asda site which means it's the old model
The oled screen is much better than the lcd which is the new model but the battery life is about 3hrs less on full usage.
It may not be the superior model with the OLED screen but a PS Vita for only £120 seems a great deal to me. With the surprisingly strong focus on PS Vita at Sony's PlayStation event yesterday it seems they've not given up on the platform and that it still has a future. If I were previously wavering on buying a PS Vita then I'd now feel confident in buying one.
does anyone still use these ? are they just an updated psp ?

does anyone still use these ? are they just an updated psp ?
Pic looks like the old one but this maybe incorrect. Not a great deal with no memory card bundled and you forgot to mention the damaged box
same price as I bought my PSP back in 2007 from HMV
The old one doesn't have a camera on the front. That picture does! Correct me if I'm wrong?
I love my Vita, if you have PS+ it's a no brainer.
If you have a PS4 and you get one of these.. you will wonder how you ever managed without one
Asda took my money for order now they're saying they'res none left .let me know if any1 had the same problem
i got the same e-mail an hour ago. sent a complaint e-mail back
had refund within a hour of sending complaint
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