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Free delivery on orders over £50, plus get a £10 Bonus when you opt in and spend £100 or more with LEGO @ Quidco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Receive free delivery on orders over £50, plus get a £10 Bonus when you opt in and spend £100 or more with LEGO.

All information detailing how to receive this Bonus forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of participation that all rules are accepted as final and that the participant agrees to abide by these rules. Participation will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.
The information given in these terms and conditions are correct, however, Quidco reserves the right to change any of the below without prior notice.
The Bonus is available to all Quidco members who opt in and make a purchase of £100 or more with LEGO between 06/03/2023 00:00:00 and 06/03/2023 23:59:59.
The Bonus is £10 which is in addition to the retailer’s cashback rate and will be rewarded when the qualifying cashback is confirmed.
Cashback for LEGO can take up to 7 days to track into your account.
The Bonus will be visible above the qualifying purchase in your activity or when selecting Bonus cashback via the activity filter.
If a valid purchase does not track, the user is required to submit a missing cashback claim.
If a missing cashback claim is raised on a qualifying purchase the Bonus will not be given until the claim has been confirmed by the retailer.
A qualifying purchase is classified as: 1) Opting in and making the required number of purchases from the specified retailer, 2) Making a purchase that is eligible for cashback and not excluded from retailer T&C’s, 3) The purchase amount meets the required amount for each individual purchase, 4) The cashback isn’t declined by the retailer.
Cashback is not paid on VAT, delivery charges and any other additional fees, although occasionally some retailers may pay cashback on the full basket amount. When a minimum spend threshold is required to be eligible for cashback, retailers do not count VAT and fees in the total spend amount.
This Bonus is limited to the first 1,000 opt ins.
The Bonus can only be redeemed once per account holder, and fraudulent or duplicate claims will not be paid.
Quidco shall not be responsible for lost connections, miscommunications, failed computer transmissions or technical failures. Proof of submission is not proof of receipt.
Uses of personal data received by Quidco in the course of the promotion are subject to Quidco's GDPR compliant data protection policy as of 25th May 2018.
Quidco reserves the right to remove any account holders from the promotion that they feel may breach any of these terms and conditions or may bring the participant or the promotion into disrepute. This includes purchases that may be fraudulent or otherwise contrary to the spirit of the promotion
Quidco More details at Quidco
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  1. AndrewCockill's avatar
    Another quidco scam.
  2. andras.eisenmann's avatar
  3. richie_richie10's avatar
    Had to take them to the small claims court to get my £50 bonus. Avoid
    stevenmayall's avatar
    Did they put up any kind of fight?
  4. tom.rouse's avatar
    To be fair to them, my Black Friday bonus got paid last week.
    stedaman's avatar
    yeh and the many other people got nothing and Quidco don't help, and just blame you, when clearly they have issues with LEGO tracking across the board, could be down to many things, did you do it via phone or a pc and which browser?
  5. shaz2sxy's avatar
    I got my £50 Quidco bonus last week
    nathan.spencer's avatar
    Me too. Never had any issues with them.
  6. kez0110's avatar
    Be prepared for imcoming comments. Lego is a nightmare, apparently!
  7. Fan_Ye5Xv's avatar
    Maybe Quidco tracks for other users, but for me they had not tracked any Lego related purchase for the last three to four years.

    Terrible in handling cashback claims as well. Would certainly suggest use other cashback site when buying on Lego.com.
    stedaman's avatar
    Lego has issues for tracking, and its down to Quidco, its all well and good people saying it tracked fine but it doesn't for many many people, and seeing people say they got the £50 is just rubbing salt into the wound. (edited)
  8. stedaman's avatar
    Misslovely's avatar
  9. richard.jerome's avatar
    I complained about Quidco last time but I got paid £50 bonus from from black Friday.
  10. Stompin89's avatar
    Stompin89's avatar
    Looks like more than 1,000 have already opted in
  11. Legobuilder's avatar
    Worked on 3/3 at lego for me. The 50 bonus did get paid but my order got attached to an earlier £2.50 bonus so had to contact them.
    stedaman's avatar
    order via phone or a pc?
  12. andras.eisenmann's avatar
    I'm happy to see many others got the bonus but also makes me more upset, why I didn't get one (and many others)? I only have problem with Lego trackings, so I did everything for successful tracking as always. Customer service gave me 35% compensation which is something, but still far from 100%. (edited)
  13. Quidco_Rep's avatar
    Hi everyone

    Just a reminder that Lego does take up to 5 days to track into your account - this normally will track once the items have been shipped!

    If you have any issues with this please do let us know

    - Tammy
    dsutton21's avatar
    If your lucky
  14. AverageBloke's avatar
    Why bother? You can nearly always get LEGO cheaper from Amazon, John Lewis and Smyths. I only ever use lego.com if it's an exclusive set and the box has to be pristine for reselling. Even LEGO's GWPs are poor these days.
  15. RJ1's avatar
    I contacted Quidco today, as only 1 of my 10+ bonuses that I opted into from before Xmas, has tracked (yet to be paid).

    I don't understand how they get away with advertising bonuses that are seldom paid. Contrast that with Topcashback who have paid 100% of the bonuses that I have opted into.

    Quidco should be banned from this site 😞
's avatar