Posted 3 December 2022

Gillette x24 Mach3 Blades - £30 + Free delivery with newsletter sign up @ Gillette

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Might not be as cheap as some of the Amazon deals but at least they will be genuine
Gillette More details at Gillette
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    Safety razor is the way to go
    Definitely. £6 for 100 blades. What is there not to like. (edited)
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    Good price, got them a bit cheaper at Costco.
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    "Not as cheap as Amazon deals but they are at least genuine"
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    Thanks. Ordered.
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    Been using same ones for years - must be on google somewhere, showing how you self sharpen a used one on denim and its fine.
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    Airtime rewards and top cashback are the clincher for me
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    Are these as good or better then the fusion pro glide razer blades?
    Pro glide is the best for me. Most closest and comfortable shave you can have. It's more expensive though.
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    I bought these a month ago thinkin they were a good deal compared to the 5 blade one How wrong was I - they are terrible, you need to shave about 5 times to get a half decent shave compared the the 5 blade ones which i'd to go get as these tore the face of me