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£100 Bonus Cashback on £800 Spend with Samsung (Limited to 500 Opt Ins) @ Quidco

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All information detailing how to receive this Bonus forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of participation that all rules are accepted as final and that the participant agrees to abide by these rules. Participation will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.
The information given in these terms and conditions are correct, however, Quidco reserves the right to change any of the below without prior notice.
The Bonus is available to all Quidco members who opt in and make a purchase of £800 or more with Samsung between 02/02/2023 00:00:00 and 02/02/2023 23:59:59.
The Bonus is £100 which is in addition to the retailer’s cashback rate and will be rewarded when the qualifying cashback is confirmed.
The Bonus will be visible above the qualifying purchase in your activity or when selecting Bonus cashback via the activity filter.
If a valid purchase does not track, the user is required to submit a missing cashback claim.
If a missing cashback claim is raised on a qualifying purchase the Bonus will not be given until the claim has been confirmed by the retailer.
A qualifying purchase is classified as: 1) Opting in and making the required number of purchases from the specified retailer, 2) Making a purchase that is eligible for cashback and not excluded from retailer T&C’s, 3) The purchase amount meets the required amount for each individual purchase, 4) The cashback isn’t declined by the retailer.
Cashback is not paid on VAT, delivery charges and any other additional fees, although occasionally some retailers may pay cashback on the full basket amount. When a minimum spend threshold is required to be eligible for cashback, retailers do not count VAT and fees in the total spend amount.
This Bonus is limited to the first 500 opt ins.
The Bonus can only be redeemed once per account holder, and fraudulent or duplicate claims will not be paid.
Quidco shall not be responsible for lost connections, miscommunications, failed computer transmissions or technical failures. Proof of submission is not proof of receipt.
Uses of personal data received by Quidco in the course of the promotion are subject to Quidco's GDPR compliant data protection policy as of 25th May 2018.
Quidco reserves the right to remove any account holders from the promotion that they feel may breach any of these terms and conditions or may bring the participant or the promotion into disrepute. This includes purchases that may be fraudulent or otherwise contrary to the spirit of the promotion.
Quidco More details at Quidco
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  1. Avatar
    Did the last round payoff for anyone?
    No, they didn't paid last time bonus. Don't trust Quidco
  2. Avatar
    If the bonus is essential to you, don't buy. 500 opt in is next to nothing, more than likely you'll not be within the first 500. They've declined the previous bonus. But if you find something at a good price, you've got nothing to lose, you can give it a try. Just don't count on the bonus. (edited)
    I've just opted in, surely the opt in option would be disabled if the 500 threshold was met?
  3. Avatar
    I am still waiting for a bonus to be paid out from last November cashback offer. Be aware, most likely you won't get that £100.
    I didn't get mine, it was declined.
  4. Avatar
    Quidco not reliable anymore
  5. Avatar
    Save your time. Quidco won't be paying this. Had a tough time previously. Multiple emails to chase things up and kept it on hold for nearly 6 months.
    HUKD should ban such promotions
    +1 from me, quidco should be banned on HUKD
  6. Avatar
    I have given up on Quidco, any bonuses I've tried have been declined
  7. Avatar
    Sounds like Quidco are a bunch of fraudsters now. I wonder if there is a collective way of getting the police involved?
  8. Avatar
    Anyone started a claim with the missing cashback/bonus cashback?
    I did... it was declined, although it was totally valid.
  9. Avatar
    I did lots if these bonuses last year, Argos, Currys, Zavvi.... The only retailer to accept the transaction was Lego. (edited)
    I also did loads...I have had Argos pay bonus.
  10. Avatar
    Stay away from this jokers, bonus cashback is a con
  11. Avatar
    Quidco and bonuses in the last six months have gone wild. You won't see the £100. Love how the Tab S8+ has gone from £692 to £999 overnight, too.
  12. Avatar
    Quidco are up to something with all these bonuses, not had any of mine pay out....
    Yup keeping it all for themselves, not that they'd even make £100 on this transaction so how can they pay out this muxh
  13. Avatar
    Hi can i use refferal code and get the bonus??
  14. Avatar
    It would be really interesting to know if anyone actually got the £100 Samsung bonus last November.
  15. Avatar
    Samsung's flagship S23 Galaxy range was officially revealed yesterday at their "Unpacked" event. Time to pre-order I imagine.
  16. Avatar
    Oh course this comes after I paid for thr s23 ultra last night.
    Same for me
  17. Avatar
    You'll save more than £100 on whatever you're buying by going to get it elsewhere. Especially since any discount code will disqualify you from cashback
  18. Avatar
    when do they normally pay? I've got a bunch of offers I took in the last few months and really expected them to process faster
  19. Avatar
    Yeah I never got the bonus only the cashback rate. Last year. It’s a massive scam tbh them bonuses
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    Yup, limit reached. Reported expired as well