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Posted 25 September 2022

£10/45GB - £15/90GB - £20/300GB (Unlimited Calls / Text) Unlimited Data on Selected Apps/Web - 30 Days Sim via uSwitch @ Voxi

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£10/45GB30GB - Social Apps/Web Only - uswitch.com/mob…dae

£15/90GB75GB - Video and Social Apps/Web - uswitch.com/mob…dae

£20/300GB200GB - Video and Social Apps/Web - uswitch.com/mob…dae

Unlimited Calls / Text / picture Messaging
Unlimited Data on Selected Apps/Web - voxi.co.uk/ben…its

Piggybacks on Vodafone Network

30 Days Sim
Voxi More details at Voxi

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    Just took out the £10 for 30GB deal last week
    Send them a message in chat and they'll upgrade you. You dont need to move away and back etc.
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    I got the 75GB SIM for my daughter yesterday (ordered on Thursday). I just tried to change to this via chat but they said the offer doesn't exist. Guess I'll just cancel the current SIM and move to this instead.
    The 75gb contract is technically unlimited as the chart will always state '75gb out of 75gb remaining ', so no point moving to the 90gb plan...
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    The only way to contact them is online - no phone option. And you can be no.100 in the queue within minutes of the chat facility opening
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    I think you also have to bear in mind that it's only a couple of months until Black Friday as well. I don't necessarily think Voxi will be able to improve on these deals though since their last two offerings have been shockingly poor.
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    Was a good network until they ditched free eu roaming. 
    Well the UK ditched the EU
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    I moved from Voxi for the Lebara 1p deal and found I don’t need more data so it’s worked out well so far…both on vodafone network and speeds match too. I think removing the free roaming element is hitting voda and voxi at the moment
    Yep, got a 1p sim for recent EUtrip. great 5g roaming speeds and 5g at home. Once my main voda contract is up Lebara looking a good option long term with the roaming on
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    Was a good deal but you don't get roaming anymore on voxi.
    Another Brexit benefit ..
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    Man, marketing stunts. I'm sure *some* people manage to use 45gb, but I reckon more people would be willing to have half or less of that and get free roaming instead. Had to pay £15 extra for data last time I went on holiday.
    I am moving towards no TV licence and 4G streaming so would need a minimum of 75GB, a 100GB would give me a nice margin. The way things are going, 100GB for ten quid a month looks likely within six months time, I am already paying half what I used to on Smarty, £10 for 50GB against £20 on Three for less so that saves £120 a year plus another £160 for the TV licence. Dumping the Beeb because I am not willing to support the mega salaries they pay out, will miss a few things but no real hardship.
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    Lebara/Lyca must have really taken a chunk of their customers for them to offer these bundles.
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    What is the best deal for sim only for £10 per month?

    I've currently got the Voxi 25GB plus unlimited video for £12 pm but in truth I never use the video and the reception is a bit spotty. My wife is also on the £10 for 30GB deal.

    I do find the service very good for the money though.
    Currently on 60GB @ £10pm with Smarty, I generally get good reception and speeds with them.
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    Uswitch always seems to have out of date info like roaming included, when it's not.
    Yes be careful. I left voxi because they don't offer EU roaming.
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    Definitely tempted, but then I hate that Voxi consistently ignore people who prefer music streaming over video streaming.
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    already on voxi and they wouldnt let me change, they said new customers only
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    Can confirm, still works. Just bought the £15 for 90GB
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    I stupidly switched to Voxi without checking the roaming.
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    Good price for the data you're getting ♨️
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    Only 75GB package upwards you get unlimited video.
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    It’s not 300gb if it’s doubled?
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    I want to leave o2, as the signal and speed is shocking where I live, I get 6mb on a speed test and. The Issue is I have a contract with them, when I requested a PAC code they sent me a message I need to pay £72 of charges if I was going to leave. Is there a way out to avoid paying these charges due to weak signal and slow speeds?
    I'm interested in Voxi and EE, had EE before o2 it was great they also have 5g where I live but they plans are expensive £18 for 125gb, voxi looks like good deal 75gb for £10
    It's based on the area your in. For me vodafone and three are really bad.
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    used be on 200GB downgraded as the data is not counted for anything! So good and deals are awesome.
    I've just last month signed up for the £15 75gb deal after moving from virgin mobile and my remaining data hasn't budged since the plan started, although my plan states unlimited video (when using selected apps). I'm wondering if downgraded to the £10 one that doesn't state unlimited video, if the same would apply and the data wouldn't drop?
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    Asda give unlimited data for £20
    Superdrug mobile / smarty / 3 network / iD network all do unlimited for £16. Just have to search and see which one is on offer at the minute. These are all either 3 or piggyback off the 3 network, so do a network coverage check to make sure you get coverage where you live and work xxx
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    300Gb pffft I use that in an hour
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    Anyone else still on the £10 unlimited data 2021?
    I'm on 25gb for £12 including video and social but for some reason my data never decreases it always unlimited
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    Does anyone know if an existing customer can buy this?
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    Hi I am vodafone customer if I buy VOXI can I keep my Vodafone number ?
    Yes. Went from voda to voxi I've now gone from voxi to Lebara and it's still uses Vodafone lol
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    I was previously with voxi, their customer service is beyond a joke, awful awful awful company.

    Number was ported to them they messed it up, left me without a working phone for 7 days, told me every day it would be fixed within 24 hours! 24 hours later had to spend half an hour going through everything again to be told the same pack of lies I was told the day before, it will be fixed in 24 hours. I wouldn't go with them even if it was free!
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    Is it possible to prevent adding additional charges if I buy this for my son?

    Need something watertight as he's managed to find ways around EE's blocks in the past, despite their promises he couldn't.
    Yes definitely 110%
    Once you make the monthly payment sim is locked to the plan you chose
    Anything extra you have to topup in advance
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    How does the unlimited data for selected apps work if you tether?
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    got this message after clicking continue on the uswitch page and then being transferred to voxi -

    Oops! It does not look like that deal is available anymore. Please select one of our other plans below.

    so is this expired then?

    I would say sadly think you missed the boat mate🤐
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    Tempted to move to this as joined ID mobile 3 weeks ago and their signal isn't great
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    Cheers OP i got on chat and had it changed
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    Just asked nicely on the chat and they've upgraded me no problem.
    Do you see it as a pending change on your plan page? I did the same but can't see any mention of it anywhere
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    They wont honour it even after i sent them a screenshot of it being on the voxi domain.
    Their reply "If we were giving that deal we would have definitely added it However this is an invalid promotion and isn't mentioned on our official website. For future references, please only consider the ones mentioned on the VOXI website "
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    I’ve been with voxi for a couple of years now although i’m reevaluating the value it has to me….
    no eu roaming vs lebara
    No DD, just a card charge (so not great if you wanted to switch bank needing 2 DD’s

    Positive is it supports iphone visual voicemail!
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    I've just ordered through the HUKD "Get Deal" link which took me to a Voxi page which said that the allowance was 45GB for £10.

    I continued on that page and its all gone through as 45GB allowance - allowance is confirmed in the policy documents that Voxi emailed me.

    Fingers crossed it all looks good.

    . (edited)
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    300GB gone ?
    Looks like it bud
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    How is this not expired?
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    None of the deals are available anymore