PS2 GAME: Pro Evo 6 for only £17.99 delivered (£17.04 after Quidco) officially the best footy game e

PS2 GAME: Pro Evo 6 for only £17.99 delivered (£17.04 after Quidco) officially the best footy game e

Found 6th Apr 2007
As the title states, this is officially the best football game ever and despite this offer being a on a weaker console, it has some advantages to the Xbox 360's almost identical version including extra stadiums.

This is why the PS2 version has always been more expensive than the Xbox 360 version.......... until now and you can buy it for just £17.99 delivered.

Also, don't forget to go through Quidco, to receive 5% cashback, to make it just £17.04 including delivery.

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I don't know how this has managed to receive some cold votes, this is the best football game as a fact and is the cheapest price anywhere and has the highest Quidco cashback rate from the next few sites that are even remotely anywhere near this price.

If someone does vote the deal cold, please can you give an explanation as to why because this is the lowest price for one of the games that along with grand theft auto, made the PS2 the best selling console, so it doesn't make sense the vote the lowest price anywhere as cold.

Your feedback on deals is appreciated, as it effects the deals i look to post on the forums.

Best footie game created, must buY!

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Best footie game created, must buY!

Thanks mate, i play this game with my friends on a regular basis on both xbox 360 and ps2, depending at whose house we play at and this game definately has another 6 months of gaming.

Pro Evp is up there with some of the most played games in my 20 years of gaming (i've been playing games since i was about 4, just incase everyone assumes i'm old now )

Yeh very true, whenever mates are around we get a tournament going, ive got it on 360 and its great always a game you go back too for abit of fun, pisses all over Fifa.

For anyone wanting the 360 version, it's currently only £19.99 at ]

its by far the best football game ever and its the most fun 4 guys can have without naked chicks, jack daniels and a water wing.

Im getting no such product found when clicking on the link ? Can anyone help me out with this ?:-(
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