PS2 Game Resident Evil 4 (Platinum) for £5.86 in-store at Morrisons
PS2 Game Resident Evil 4 (Platinum) for £5.86 in-store at Morrisons

PS2 Game Resident Evil 4 (Platinum) for £5.86 in-store at Morrisons

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I bought this great game at the Thamesmead store

The game was displayed in the "buy one for £5.99 or two for £10" I couldn't find another second game I liked so just purchased this one game, which checked out at £5.86 at the tills (lower vat)

From memory the other games in the range include:
Crash of the Titans


Ace game but I have to say that I have never found cheap games in morrisons they all seem to be rip off prices

played this on the ps2 i couldnt get into it, i was bought the wii version for xmas, and its much better and fun

The PS2 games are usually on a separate stand near the tills and they are normally this cheap, although the selection is usually rubbish. Agree, the current gen (Wii,XB360/PS3/DS/PC) games are usually overpriced but they do have the occasional fantastic offer as all those that got the £15 Wii games a few months back will testify (I missed out, the person in front of me had the last Mario Kart, although I did pick it up cheap at Xmas). Seems to be cheapest price so HOT from me. All you need now is one of these:

96% & top reviews at Metacritic ]here for those that haven't played it:thumbsup:

Sweet, been after a version of the game since i bought the above controller when it was a fiver on amazon ages ago

Top game, finished it many time, a must have.

Voted Hot.

Awesome game good find mate. HOT.

Yeah awesome game, bought it on import when it was first released on the Game Cube & played it over & over again.
As the PS2 version has a few extra features I also bought it for that console as well :thumbsup:

"what are you buyyinnnggg?" this game is awesome. one of the best action games ever made. great price

Great game heat added.

Notable things about this release over the Gamecube version are a true widescreen mode (oooh) and extra bonus content as onejaz said.

Based on the demo MUCH better than 5....

One of my fav games of all time.

Managed to also pick up a preowned copy of Resident Evil Outbreak from Blockbusters for £1.99.
More of a throwback to the earlier games than RE4 & RE5.
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