PS2 Games for £2.84 - Nice little stocking fillers

PS2 Games for £2.84 - Nice little stocking fillers

Found 21st Sep 2006
Just noticed on Tesco Jersey site that they have a number of PS2 releases priced at £2.84.

See the forum thread for all the links: Cold winter PS2, Eyetoy: Play [Platinum] PS2, X11 Stag PS2, Master Chess PS2, Mission Impossible - Operation Surma PS2, Spin Drive Ping Pong PS2, Stuntman [Platinum] PS2, Rugby 2004 [Platinum] PS2, World Fighting PS2, Zoo Puzzle PS2.

- planet2sky
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Ooops... better to move the links to comments
not sure how to ?
Can you help ?

Here they are:][COLOR=blue]Cold winter PS2 - £2.84 … Here they are:][COLOR=blue]Cold winter PS2 - £2.84 [/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Eyetoy: Play [Platinum] PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]X11 Stag PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Master Chess PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Mission Impossible - Operation Surma PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Spin Drive Ping Pong PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Stuntman [Platinum] PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Rugby 2004 [Platinum] PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]World Fighting PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]Zoo Puzzle PS2 - £2.84[/COLOR]If you don't mind, I'll remove the dead links form the first post. Thanks mrtootough!

Thanks - really should learn how to do that !!!
some good ones there, but OH wants things for his PSP now... typical
Theres also some bargains in the Nintendo gameboy advance games too. I've bought Spyro for under a fiver and sitting ducks for less than 3 pounds.
Prices all went up:-(
Have seen cheap games on

never dealt with them though
no more play time
I ordered 4 games from Tesco and still no games. Been over a month now.

Have seen cheap games on dealt with them though

Placed my first order with SoftUK last Friday afternoon - Ordered Ridge Racer (360). I was slightly shocked to see it arrive on my doorstep on Saturday morning.

Great first impressions
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