PS2 games from £1.29!! (plus £1.99 delivery) @ ChoicesUK

PS2 games from £1.29!! (plus £1.99 delivery) @ ChoicesUK

Found 5th May 2009
Choices have a variety of ps2 games from £1.29!
Delivery is £1.99 so that makes it £3.28 for a brand new ps2 game delivered which i thought was pretty good.
This particular game was "Babe" which i think kids would love if theyve seen the film
I also noticed "Over the hedge" which my son liked and that was only £2.99 (it said save £27), (plus delivery)…px/!824606


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Here come the cold votes already ... and no excuses or better deals offered???

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Why expired????

Voted - HOT.
OK so a lot of the cheapos are not supercool hard core games - but for the kids there are loads - Noddy & Dora the Explorer at treat for under 5s

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I'm not sayin these are ideal for all the adult gamers out there but they're fab for the kiddlywinks
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