PS2 Memor32 USB Memory Card (32MB) Memor 32
PS2 Memor32 USB Memory Card (32MB) Memor 32

PS2 Memor32 USB Memory Card (32MB) Memor 32

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PS2 Memor32 USB Memory Card (32MB) Memor 32

The PS2 is certainly no stranger to a continuous flow of great games which is why every hardcore gamer will adore the Memor 32. Featuring a unique USB based design, the Memor 32 is an advanced memory card for use on any PS2 and PSTwo systems around the world. Unlike standard memory cards, the Memor 32 will allow gamers to load and unload save games to and from the PC for use with the PS2. Its compatibility is up there with the best, with over 1500 games tested and working perfectly.

100% MagicGate compatible powerful 32MB memory card
Compatible with all PS2 and PSTwo systems worldwide
Integrated USB connector
Load and unload saves games to and from the PC for use with the console via software
Unrivalled compatibility, over 1500 games tested and save compatible
Perfectly plug and play device
Two years in development
What is Memor32?

Memor32 is the first and only solution available to store, copy and exchange PS2 save games with your friends and over the internet.

With what PS2 models or regions is the Memor32 compatible?

With all the PS2 models ever produced, from the very first until the latest model be it USA/PAL/JAP.

What is the space available on the memory card?

It is a full 32 megabytes of available space.

What I need to do the first time I use the Memor32 in my PS2?

Simply insert the Memor32 in the first slot of your PS2, go the browser, select the memory Icon. You will be informed that the Memor32 in your PS2 needs to be formatted. Choose yes and wait until formatting is complete. You are now ready to use your Memor32 with your preferred games.

How do I connect my Memor32 to my PC?

Remove the Memor32 from your PS2, and connect it to your PC using a standard USB/MiniUSB cable (not included, available here - thegametrain.com/psp…tml (£3)

How do I copy Save games from my Memor32 to my PC?

Once connected to the PC (see above), download and launch the Memor32 management software that is available thegametrain.com/dl/…zip and also othersoftware needed if required mementoteam.com/dow…tml


Seems good but where do you get the games to put on this?

Original Poster Banned

you buy them, original ps2 games or you get them off the internet, the save games can be got at the memor32 forums memor32.com/php…B2/

Yet again, people voting without knowing what this is.


Well worth the money.

Now I'm intested. Not in backups, but does it allow NTSC PS1 & PS2 games on a UK PS2?

Even better, imported PS1&2 on PS3?:p

Original Poster Banned

yes it

not sure but i have one good card


Firmware is dogged with problems for various flavours of ps2, on top of that not all games work on it.

Those of us who bought into this when they first came out last November have been waiting patiently for the latest firmware update since the end of December. Apparantly now they are rewriting the software from scratch so could be a long time yet.

The annoying thing is that the people who release the software claim they aren't affiliated with the manufacturers of the card which is a blatant lie. You can't have one without the other so they are obviously one and the same but using the independant status for legal reasons. They've taken the money from us so release a full working firmware for your customers!

If the new firmware gets released then it's an amazing product, if slightly late to the market, until then I'd sit tight.

Original Poster Banned

it depends how long they want to take before they will release the new firmware

I think it also lets you play divx video as well as other things if you get the add ons from psxscene forum...
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