PS2 Scarface £2.99 @ Comet

PS2 Scarface £2.99 @ Comet

Found 27th Dec 2007
Seen games on from comet in the last couple of week but not seen Scarface. this is a pick up in store i reserved it at my local (East Kilbride) also reserved PES 6 which is £4.99.


good deal, but its comet. getting games from comet can be really hard as they normally stock what ... 3 games at anytime ? lol

in my experience anyway and i used to work there.

is this a game about scarfs?
behold i am the ace of scarf!

Excellent just reserved one. Voted Hot and rep added. Cheers

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The PES 6 is now down to £2.99 i`ve posted it up. Got both games for £5.98 happy days.
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