[PS2] Shadow Hearts: From The New World - £10.49 + 4% QuidCo

[PS2] Shadow Hearts: From The New World - £10.49 + 4% QuidCo

Found 17th Nov 2007
[rant]Being the RPG fan I am, there are times when I wonder if I'm cursed. From the time I walked past a used copy of Legend of Legaia in Gamestation (going on to later buy an ex-rental copy on fleabay for £20... I wish I could go back and slap myself!) to remembering how (at around 9-11) I spilt a glass of milk over my copy of Suikoden II, ruining the case and cover, I have many happy memories.

Sadly, my RPG woes haven't been limited stuff like the above thanks to fleabay. Receiving a barely working version ex-rental version of Wild Arms 2 (in a random DVD case, with no manual), receiving Suikoden III without a case, cover or manual (just before it came back into stock everywhere...yay), spending £60 for a badly scratched copy of Suikoden that, while working, has the top border flickering and the occasional music cuts.

One of my most simple RPG regrets is the Shadow Hearts series. I walked past the original in the shops so many friggin' times I lost count, never getting interested until you couldn't buy it anywhere. I later ignored the 'RPG of the year 2004' sequel because I hadn't played the original, never getting interested until it became over-priced.[/rant]

*ahem* Now, onto the deal itself:

The next best price is £13.99.

Use the attached 50p voucher to get the price shown.

This is not directly connected to its 2 prequels, thankfully - Perfect for people like me. It's rated slightly higher than the original and lower than the 2nd Shadow Hearts.

With lesser PS2 games vanishing from most stores at the rate they are and prices seemingly going north rather than south, it's a good idea to get it now at £10.99... I can't see it dropping really.


Underrated game.

Thanks for the tip, don't forget Quidco too.

Now £12.99

Original Poster

12.49, or £11.99 with the voucher. Still the best price.

PowerPlayDirect are very fast at correcting misprices, small and large - The price seems to change automatically after so many orders. They are also very fast at dispatching orders since mine has been sent already!
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