PS2 Slim (used) £29.99 @ Blockbuster *instore*

PS2 Slim (used) £29.99 @ Blockbuster *instore*

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Saw this is Newport, South Wales....
Also XBOX original for £9.99.. there is no way of telling if this is national sorry

EDIT: i took a photo of this at the time and the photo shows a slim with 1 controller and a 6 month guarantee


Any blockbuster deal is national All the same system...

Eds: Also, a non-slim is £24.99. All the systems come with 2 free preowned games, or memory cards as well.

xbox for £10 and a ps2 for £30. at blockbusters. nationwide.

why is this cold exactly?

xbox makes a decent entertainment center, and ps2 is still alive and kicking!

tihs is hot from me! hnr!! :thumbsup:

Leamington Spa had gamecube and xbox for 9.99 and an xbox 360 arcade for 69.99

This include controllers?

My son got one today in Cash Converters for £25 but it doesn't work :x

Ooooh been looking for one of these since the tesco 30quid deal! Cheers! Hopefully my local blockbusters will have one

The Xbox360 Arcade for £69.99 used deserves its own thread as that is an amazingly good deal IMHO.

Hot stuff

Hot from me !

Picked one up last week for my youngest for a bit of a stocking filler. Make sure you have a look at a few as the first couple I was fobbed off with looked like someone had played football with them. The one I ended up with was pretty much pristine.

Six month Blockbuster warranty as standard.

You did well to get two free games, not sure that is nationwide.

voted hot as even though i have the ps3 i will never part with my ps2 until it finally gives up the ghost

Ooh!just remembered i have a 10pound off anything instore voucher for blockbuster from topping up 15quid on my o2 mobile! bargain!


This include controllers?

I was also wondering this - anyone know?


This include controllers?

Well it's got to have at least one!

cash generators in burton on trent £4.99 for the ps/2 slim console only i think

i bought one in blockbuster torquay about a week ago it came with one controller £29.99,they offered me a memory card for £5,all in good working order.

Just picked up the last Xbox in Plymouth blockbuster. I walked in to see the guy at the front of the queue saying that he wanted it, not listening to the lady that said I'd reserved it H&R

Any idea what games they were offering with it?

not as good as the tesco offer for £30 brand new


Any idea what games they were offering with it?

The xbox didn't come withy any games, just one controller and the AV lead.

you should try ebay for ps2 consoles - i got one (non slim) for £35 delivered with controller, memory card and 11 games plus eyetoy camera. being able to play god of war again is worth it.

good find, thanks
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