(PS2) smackdown vs raw 2007 £24.77

(PS2) smackdown vs raw 2007 £24.77


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sorry guys, this is instore only!!!

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but if you use the asda code on line for £5 off £30 it still works out cheap!

This is only the Playstation 2 verion i beleive ?

on the 360?

[SIZE=2]your post jumped above mine ]WHAT!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]if it was 360, i'd have had it. my son rang up last night to say that xbox 360 LMA 2007 was £29 instore, so was hoping that this offer posted was for the 360[/SIZE]

There's a bit of a timing issue with the posts on the forums at the mo.

I've added the platform to the title, and a wee logo to the post as well.
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