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Posted 27 May 2023

£23.21 for Clever Dripper (£25) & House Coffee (£8.95) w/ 100 Filtropia 4 Filters (£5) - 25% sale @ Pact Coffee

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I was looking at getting a Clever Dripper, and they're £25 in most places.
Pact Coffee has a 25% sale on, and overall this makes a great deal (£23.21 for everything) IMO!

Available for anyone (new or existing customers), as it's via their shop.

Why get a Clever Dripper? Here's my notes:
- Easiest "good" coffee
- Adjust only blend time or grind size at a time - simple to get the right formula
- Filter to give clean flavour
- James Hoffman has a video on technique (water first, add coffee, stir, etc.).
- Most users don't find the lid necessary to retain heat; the Tritan plastic (BPA free) doesn't steal much heat from the brewing (unlike e.g. ceramic or metal)
- Filtropa filters are one of the best. Melitta is good too.

- VS French press: filter gives nicer cleanup, and cleaner flavour. Similar initial immersion "brew" method
- VS V60: simpler to get a "good"/"decent" brew with the Clever Dipper, but V60 can go a level above if you dial it in.

This deal was originally posted with 30% off, but this is still great value at 25% IMO!

If you are looking to get more coffee (this deal comes with one bag - house coffee, not decaf) and aren't subscribed yet: you can usecode WELCOME5 gives £5 off.
Pact Coffee More details at
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  1. RahulKOfficial's avatar
    Bit of a noob when it comes to filter coffee, can anyone recommend the best affordable grinders?
    themanwithapc's avatar
    Timemore also do some decent priced hand grinders.

    However if you drink (and thus grind) regularly, then you may get sick of manual grinding. In which case something like a wilfa svart or baratza encore will be your starting point at £100 or so.

    I wouldn't waste any money on blade grinders.
  2. Shure's avatar
    Absolutely love my clever dripper. Just so easy to produce consistent good coffee.
  3. Seasider's avatar
    Out of stock sadly
    Seasider's avatar
    Heat added tho
  4. Sweetchuck's avatar
    Available again for pre-order.

    EDIT: Actually, scratch that - looks like the filter papers aren't included now. (edited)
    Cheeseanonion's avatar
    I just pre-ordered and they're included (thry must have come back from the holiday weekend and refreshed their stock / website)
  5. Sticks1's avatar
    Available to pre-order now for delivery after 7th June. I have unexpired the deal so hopefully anyone interested, won't miss the discount.
    Sticks1's avatar
    Pleased that you have to read my comment. I have tried to un-expire your original post but not sure if it will get done before the discount runs out. Thx for your original post - I have one ordered now so much appreciated!
  6. gainsay's avatar
    Let me see...I have a hario syphon system, various V60' s (ceramic and plastic) , cafetiers,and an aeropress and two hand grinders - do I really need yet another brewing method to neurose about? Obviously I do , so ordered and thanks to whoever found this deal
    ManishP's avatar
    Get a Chemex, complete your set.
  7. RedBull1985's avatar
    I have an aeropress. Niche grinder. Espresso machine. Do I need a clever dripper? no. Will I buy it anyway? Yes! Thanks op (edited)
  8. markymark34's avatar
    I feel sorry for people who are swayed by advertising lingo on stuff like this...
    'The Clever Dripper combines the the depth and consistency of a cafetière with the clarity and cleanliness of a drip filter.'

    That would be me. Ordered! Cheers!
  9. ionic's avatar
    Another clever dripper fan here. Easy to use and super quick to clean up afterwards
  10. DealRider's avatar
    Coming from someone that has used various filter and espresso machines, aeropress, baratza electric grinder and 1zpresso hand grinder. For me, the clever dripper is the simplest to use and lot of bang for your buck. It makes great filter coffee provided you grind the beans fresh (which is always key whatsoever your brewing method). Clever dripper is my only brewing method these days as it’s so easy, mess and maintenance free. And super cheap!
  11. greenlump's avatar
    Out of stock, probably for the best as I don't need more coffee paraphernalia.
  12. gwaaheed's avatar
    Already have around 6 different ways to make coffee at home....but feel a need to buy this anyway.
  13. ureds's avatar
    Does anyone already have one of these and can comment? I currently use a basic filter coffee machine with paper filters and it brews into a jug which is kept warm for 30 mins. Would this make better coffee assuming the same ingredients of ground coffee and filtered water?
    Abrew's avatar
    If you were using freshly ground specialty coffee then yes, this would make coffee better than a basic filter coffee machine. If using low quality pre-ground coffee then doubt there be any difference. Coffee quality is key.
  14. Cheeseanonion's avatar
    Tried ordering but says the filter paper is no longer available
  15. phij's avatar
    I've been thinking about getting a Clever for a while now. This is an excellent deal. I really shouldn't, I spend enough on coffee stuff as it is. I'm going to though aren't I
  16. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Filter coffee is my absolute favourite. 🔥
  17. foppotee's avatar
    I love my clever drippper - beyond easy to use.
  18. XPL1C1T's avatar
  19. Holdsworth's avatar
    For those that don't know these, they produce the same coffee as a cafetiere (immersion brew) but without the mess, and very portable. Love mine.
  20. v5535's avatar
    Basically V5 Vario?
  21. Seasider's avatar
    Ordered! Thanks!!
  22. bobcarolgees's avatar
    Deal back on.
  23. Seasider's avatar
    Mine has arrived. Lovely tasting coffee - milk chocolate notes! Happy overall and good deal 😁
  24. Rebellion's avatar
    Is there a code please to get this for £21.66?
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