PS3 60GB £394.99 [email protected] Uk Inc Del
PS3 60GB  £394.99 Delivered@Choices Uk Inc Del

PS3 60GB £394.99 [email protected] Uk Inc Del

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May be overpiced but you cant get them anywhere so i reckon its a good deal if you want the discontinued PS3 60GB console.
Treat yourself before Gran Theft Auto 4 next week.


lol call that discounted. Way overpriced seeing as they went down to rrp £350 before discontinuing.

oh just realised u misspelled discontinued and read as discounted.

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Long day:whistling: should take my spelling test again

Expensive, but when you can sell your (good condition) PS2 for £40 ish, due to the 60gb's backwards compatibility, this makes it a I bit cheaper. I got a 60gb a few weeks ago, and am happy that I don't have to keep my old PS2.

Plus it's still not a bad price for an excellent Bluray player with built in Dolby TrueHD and DTS MA decoding. Also plays SACDs.

TBH if you can snap up a 60GB for under £400 go for it. Personally way to expensive for a games machine i say. But if theres people put there(and i know there is) that want a 60Gb then this is your baby,

Direct link btw: choicesuk.com/Pro…359

go for less than that on ebay nowadays

Way overpriced. Can easily get a 40GB PS3 for much cheaper and upgrade the hard disk (if you want). As for the ability to play PS2 games.. lets just say I'd rather waste my PS2's life for such things.

Might be a good deal for people who dont have a PS2 altogether. Not voted either way

sorry cold

rip off, paid £300 for mine????

don't and never did have a ps2, have been enjoying playing older (cheaper) ps2 games recently on my 60gig

rail massive;1955031

sorry coldrip off, paid £300 for mine????

Supply and demand. Simple rule of business. I bet they sell out very soon :thumbsup:


How do you tell how many are left?


How do you tell how many are left?

a guess? like this answer lol

Wait a little bit longer if you can. The old rumour mill says that new models are coming very soon. bigger HD ones 80GB+ and possible a redesign with inbuilt dual Freeview tuners to make a PVR.

For a plus it plays ps2 games, for a minus it runs on more electricity, £395 is too much to justify for an obsolete spec games console.

I was about to get a 40GB version, but bough one of these yesterday, voted hot - thanks OP. PS2 compatibility sold it for me for when my lil' nephew comes round to stay clutching his PS2 games. Now he can leave his PS2 at home. Plus the card reader for viewing pics straight from the camera's memory card.


go for less than that on ebay nowadays

i just saw a 60 GB go for £480 no less than 20 minutes ago on ebay. 60GB by itself no games nothing.
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