PS3 80GB Console with GTA IV and Metal Gears Solid 4 (PS3) £299.99 - gamestation
PS3 80GB Console with GTA IV and Metal Gears Solid 4 (PS3) £299.99 - gamestation

PS3 80GB Console with GTA IV and Metal Gears Solid 4 (PS3) £299.99 - gamestation

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Good deal if you are going to buy these 2 games anyway. free express delivery



This bundle consists of:

* Grand Theft Auto IV
* Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
* Playstation 3 (with 80Gb HDD)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Guns! Cars! More guns! A mobile phone! Grand Theft Auto IV!

Yes, it's the fourth 'proper' instalment in Rockstar's mega super ultra massive mega blockbuster GTA franchise. Do not expect the developers to let up.

Players jump behind numerous sets of wheels as Niko Bellican, an Eastern European immigrant who has come to Liberty City to live the 'American Dream'. Yes, Liberty City has returned. It's New York City for developers who like not getting sued. You'll find Broker (Brooklyn), Algonquin (Manhattan), Bohan (The Bronx - not a Dragon Ball Z character) and Alderney (New Jersey) all present and accounted for.

The action rolls out thanks to your (or, more likely, someone else's) mobile phone as you're doled out missions by various lowlifes. Cars will need to be stolen and people will need to be hurt. 'Nuff said. Of course, this is a GTA game we're talking about, so expect sandbox play galore for your inner anarchist who likes to pick his criminal dealings at random.

Rockstar hasn't forgotten that this is the age of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, so the game will come with a healthy dollop of online play to get your Eastern European teeth into.

Liberty City needs you! Steal this game if you have to...

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

This is it. The conclusion to one of the most revered series of games in history. Enough hype for you? Well, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is nothing if not highly anticipated.

The game rounds out Hideo Kojima's epic story of Solid Snake, tying up all those niggling loose ends from previous games. The action takes place in a battle-scarred future in which huge multi national corporations battle for control using carefully chosen mercenaries (and big ol' robots) to do their bidding. Let's face it, we all know society's heading that way, so Kojima's already off to a good start. We see this world through the tired eyes of an aged Solid Snake, who must travel from the Middle East, to Europe and to South America to infiltrate key locations and, you know, win the day.

As ever, the emphasis is on stealth, with Snake creeping through his missions to complete tasks with the minimum possible violence. In fact, the greatest reward you can reap is for completing the game with zero kills. That's none. Who says games encourage violence?

The game is a deep, meaty and beautiful epic. In fact, the single player experience has so much to it that the multi player aspect has its own title - Metal Gear Online. The online component allows up to 16 players to compete in stealth combat, with teamwork heartily encouraged.

The game has many levels. On the one hand, it's a meditation on war, politics, society and what makes us tick. Don't forget, however, that it's also a rollicking shoot 'em up with painstakingly rendered graphics.

Playstation 3 (with 80Gb HDD)


Nice Find. :thumbsup:

Hot! :-D

Nice one, although i've just bought the package from Game which includes PES 2009 & Motorstorm 2.

Don't forget Quidco!:-D

argos doing a similar deal 299 squid for ps3 80gb GT PROLOGUE, Little big planet and accesory pack which includes hdmi cable,remote ,extra controller.
all depends which games you want in your package, personally i would go for the argos deal,cos you can exchange your games elsewhere and get what you want.
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