PS3 - Dead Space - £24.99 @ Blockbusters - Free Delivery - Also in store
PS3 - Dead Space - £24.99 @ Blockbusters - Free Delivery - Also in store

PS3 - Dead Space - £24.99 @ Blockbusters - Free Delivery - Also in store

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Cheapest I've found for this. With Free Delivery

Direct link to deal is:

The link from Go To Deal takes you to a generic Blockbuster page for some reason.

Fantastic review of this survival horror game on IGN:

IGN- 8.7/10

Five hundred years in the future, humanity has exhausted much of the Earths natural resources, and competition for survival is tight. In response, Earths mega-corporations send immense mining ships called Planetcrackers into deep space to mine planets on a global scale they rip the planet apart, smelt it down and then bring all the material back to Earth. When all contact is lost with the most famous Planetcracker, the USG Ishimura, Isaac Clarke and a small repair team are dispatched to restore communications. Isaac is a normal systems engineer, but what he and his team find upon arrival at the Ishimura is anything but normal. The ship is nearly lifeless and powerless. The crew has been horribly slaughtered and transformed into terrifying abominations. Now Isaac is cut off, trapped, and overwhelmed in a desperate fight to survive.


Just been to my local Blockbuster and its the same price instore (makes a change!).

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Excellent. I will update to show this instore too.

By the way, the link to the game doesn't work when you click on go to deal. It takes you to a blockbuster rental page. I presume this is HUKD forwarding thing.

The link is:


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I posted it as a ps3 game. The previous post only mentioned the 360

£19.99 in my Gamestation (instore) on both PS3 & 360
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