PS3 Dualshock3 Controller for £14.97 @ Tesco

PS3 Dualshock3 Controller for £14.97 @ Tesco

Found 31st Oct 2010
PS3 Dualshock3 Controller for £14.97 in Tesco. I found this in the Litherland branch in Liverpool. I think it was meant to be a cheap knock off of a Sony original but they put out real ones. I bought 2; when they put them through the till they came out as £34.99 but I got the manager to check and she subsequently put them through as £14.97. WOO BARGAIN! Not sure if this is just in this store but its worth a try. I got the last two tho, but they may have some in the back. So if you need a pad (particularly if you live near the shop I went to) give it a go.

On the shelf pic…jpg

Proof of price…jpg
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Proof I got it for the price I posted.
Great find!
Lucky you!!
Erm...a probable mis-price, in one store and you got the last ones...can't see this being a Sunday roaster !
I guess some guy got lucky. Well done.
You could have got them with Tesco paying you to take them out of the shop had you purchased them, then gone to customer services and complained about overcharge, thus getting the Double the difference policy enforced. i.e Tesco paying you £5.05 per controller to take them away.
Take it too the til, lucky, buy it, no? dont buy it!

Bargain if you are lucky, simple
I have seen this in my local store. The price label for the third party controller simply says PS3 Controller and someone with no idea how much an official one should be has filled the space with official ones. Of course some staff might be more on the ball when it gets to the checkout and they could still refuse the sale so its a game of luck. Tesco bring this on themselves with their lazy price label descriptions and pressure to keep all spaces filled up even if the product is wrong!
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