PS3 EX-02s Bluetooth Headset: Special Ops - Limited Edition £10.99 @ Game

PS3 EX-02s Bluetooth Headset: Special Ops - Limited Edition £10.99 @ Game

Found 12th Nov 2010
I went into a GAME store today and got my hands on of these for £9.99. However this is a reduced price ONLY if you buy something with it. So what did I do? I bought a 99p PS2 game. You could also buy something cheaper if you go to a larger GAME store. (I bought mine from the Hammersmith store)..

And if your planning on buying the new COD or anything for that matter you wont have to spend that 99p on some ancient pre-owned game!

The same offer applies to the EX-01 version but this will cost you ££12.99 (+ the one item you buy)


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This is INSTORE only

What's the difference between 01 and 02?

Digit. lol

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The guy the in the game store reckons the O2 was a little better but didn't offer much in the way of an explanation. I think he thought I was better of saving £3...

The 02 headset shape is a lot more like the official ps3 one. A bit smaller then the 01

How much does this usually cost?

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the normal price is £19.99

My maths tells me 10.98


There's loads of reviews of both on youtube, seem to remember what particularly put me off the new one was you can only charge it on the provided base station whereas the 01 uses the same USB lead as the Dualshocks.

Cracking price if this is the one you want though.
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