PS3 + F1 for £365.36 plus

PS3 + F1 for £365.36 plus

Found 28th Mar 2007
Hi, it has been mentioned before here: -…ol/

but this is a cheaper package with just one game. Also note other packages are available, so check to see which games/controllers you want!

They have lots of PS3 bundles that are quite expensive, for example a Ps3 with one game is 519!!! but they offer 20% off an item for being a first time customer: -…/... =0&prod_id=0

They also offer 10% cash back on everything spent over £150…d=0

and you can get 6% cash back using quidco…ls/

Taking that into account, this should come to a maximum of £365.36 with F1. Much more reasonable I think.....

Other packages seem to be available, for example a Sony PS3 60Gb Version + Resistance Fall Of Man +Call Of Duty 3 + Extra Wireless Controller + Blu-Ray Remote for 649, after savings should be £453

You can even pay in installments if you like, although I dont know what that does to all the quidco stuff etc....

First deal so please dont hurt me...


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Ok, first deal and the links not work? Can someone tell me how to make the hypertext links work please? Thanks

Look for the globe and chain when you edit.

10% cash back on everything spent over £150

- were do you see that deal?..

dats not a deal, thats the company promotion.this only works if you pay by great universal account other words credit account. u can pay the whole sum if u wish
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