(PS3) FarCry 2 Collectors Edition £30 @ Game!

(PS3) FarCry 2 Collectors Edition £30 @ Game!

Found 31st May 2009
This boxset includes a t-shirt, artbook, the game and a "making of" DVD, I think.
I found it at several game stores now.


I bought this months ago for Xbox 360 for about the same price from Game (£29.98) and I'm sure the PS3 version was the same price. I thought the collectors edition set would be cool but how wrong was I? I paid at least £5 more at the time for a cheap MDF box, a t-shirt that I would never wear even if I was paid to, an artwork book which I flicked through once and a DVD which I would never watch. In fact, the only thing vaguely useful in the box was the more detailed map.

Absolute Rip Off!!! Now This Is An Old Game !

Ice Cold
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