PS3 GAME: Clive Barkers Jericho only £29.99 delivered (also same price for the Xbox 360)
PS3 GAME: Clive Barkers Jericho only £29.99 delivered (also same price for the Xbox 360)

PS3 GAME: Clive Barkers Jericho only £29.99 delivered (also same price for the Xbox 360)

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This is supposed to be a very big game and is available for preorder now, with the next lowest price being £7 more (£36.99)than the price Shopto are offering of just £29.99 including free recorded delivery.

Don't forget that Shopto normally dispatch games upto a week in advance and most games arrive at least 2 days before the release date, so you won't be able to get it any earlier.

It's also available on the Xbox 360 for £29.99 but the PS3 price is more of a bargain.

Also, Shopto promise that if they reduce the prices any further, you'll always pay the lowest price, so you're covered either way.

Hope that helps.


Gonna download the demo off the US PSN Store later on (once it's up :roll: ) so if that's any good I'll definitely be ordering, as the price is excellent for a soon to be released PS3 game :thumbsup:

EDIT: BTW do shopto only sell UK PAL versions or are the games imports, hence the lower prices? Just wondering incase I decide to trade it in at Blockbuster in the future, thanks.

Thanks mate, gonna do the same as Vazza - its on the US store now

Wooo, will have a look now! Thanks, russ

Good question Vazza - will this be a US version?

Actually, it says that it's the UK PAL version on their site :oops:

nice price in two minds about thew game at the moment tho. whats the demo like i aint set up a US account yet so i havent downloaded it but id be interested to hear what people had to say...

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Yeah, it's the UK version, as Vazza said later on.

By the way, has anyone played the demo then, as I heard about this game ages ago and was considering pre-ordering it myself.

I have heard very good things about this game. Can't wait to download the demo. Whens it out in the UK?

This COULD be one of the biggest games of the year in my opinion. Horror shoot em ups are few and far between. Especially great ones!

guys - the demo is exellent, the game is a squad based fps with a horror flavour, the demo is set in like a rainy castle/cavern, amzing rain /water effects, you can swap between characters at the press of the green button, each have their own wepaons and special powers.
I'd sum up and say its a cross between the look of Gears of War, the squad style of Ghost recon and the horror of the Darkness
anyone agree/disagree ?
should be a guaranteed purchase for any 360 owner !
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