PS3 games £5 and under in-store @ Morrisons

PS3 games £5 and under in-store @ Morrisons

Found 20th Jan 2014
PS3 new games £5 or less at Morrison's. I got:

Lego Harry Potter £5
Call of Duty MW3 £5
Borderlands 2 with premier club bonus content £3

This is in store. Some were marked at £15 but scanned at lower price.
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Hot for BL2 alone

Premeiere Club Contents:-
Vault Hunter's Relic
A Golden Key
Gearbox Gunpack
The Mechromancer
No! Just no! I can't go through that pain again!!

Heat if you can find
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Here is a photo of the CoDMW3 and Borderlands2
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Think you might find that the premier club code use by date has expired...
was there many borderlands 2 on shelf?
There were 2 of Borderlands at the Catcliffe (Rotherham) store. I got the last CoD MW3 but there were probably 4 or 5 'Harry Potter years 5-7' left.
@OptimusPrimeval You may be right. If so, no loss as I have the free PS+ download of BL2 and CEX give £5 cash for BL2 so a £2 profit there
I have just tried the Borderlands 2 Premier Club code in the PS Store and they are indeed STILL VALID My code redeemed without any issues.
Found Harry Potter on ps3 today in my local.
why has this made hot just now it was posted weeks ago offers are long gone
You should try morrisons in Derby,

Their dvd and game sections are trapped in 2005!, with their latest titles being from last year, overpriced, poor selection, heck they are trying to sell the sims 2 for a tenner on pc!

So these deals are of no use to me as the local store is a shambles.
Don't know if this is a valid response but asda has borderlands 2 game I the year for £10 that includes all 4 dlc and first vault hunter upgrade which adds another 11 levels so you can reach level 61 instead of 50 and you also get the extra 2 classes physico and the necromancer . So all that dlc for £10 . But you have to ask for game of the year edition they have the standard one on shelf at £10 but I just asked for them to see if they had goty in back and she came out with it and It scanned at same price .
These really need to start being restricted to local deals. 99.9% of people seeing this deal are not going to be able to act upon it.
I'll nip to my Morrisons and have a little look! Borderlands 2 for £3 is an absolutely amazing price imo.. Will report back!
If it helps anyone, I saw a few copies of MW3 in the Plymstock (Plymouth) store (might have been others too), but I was looking for PS4 games (which they have none of).
Couldn't find anything. Pretty much had no PS3 games in apart from Call of Duty Ghosts, however, I did come across 2 wireless singstar microphones for £1.98! Can't complain!
Cold, same as every other Morrisons "deal" on this site.
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