PS3 Grand Theft Auto 4 £31.99 - FREE DEL
PS3 Grand Theft Auto 4 £31.99 - FREE DEL

PS3 Grand Theft Auto 4 £31.99 - FREE DEL

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First post! PS3 is region free, and seeing as we're generally screwed over by prices here in the UK, I thought I'd check out a few US sites that ship to UK. I used MovieTyme in the past, and they're very reliable.

Anyway, Grand Theft Auto 4 will be released on the 29th of April for £31.99, and the cheapest I've found online next to this is £34.99.

I think it's a good price, but if people disagree, let me know, so I can cancel my own order

Oh yeah, they also do free delivery!


good price voted hot,

the only thing with movietyme i have noticed is that you wont get the game on release day or before as it the case with some UK based sellers (not a problem for me but thee are those die hard gamers who must have the game on the release date or before


Personally I'd pay the extra £3 as movietyme can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Also the resale value will be lower so you arent really gaining anything.

Might be OK for some though.


Also the multiplayer might have problems being an NTSC game. Not sure on that though.

can i just ask, whats the tax implications for this? i have used the company before when i bough oblivion for £17.99, delivery took a while but everything was fine. however im sure anything over about £20 needs to have tax paid on it when it comes into the country, anyone know anything about this issue?

movietyme are an excellent company and they do send the items out before the release, ive ordered games in the past that are NTSC and they have arrived before the release date here. They repack the item once its sent from USA to their company in Newcastle, so no customs

The only problem with buying the game from America is that you won't be able to download any extras that are released through the PS store unless, of course, you have an American Credit Card.
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