PS3 Medal of Honor : Airborne £9.97 at PC World

PS3 Medal of Honor : Airborne £9.97 at PC World

Found 24th Dec 2008
I know prices are cheap for most games now but not seen this cheaper.

£5 cheaper than the nearest. Already cheaper prices than Platinum games.


Hot for me!

Thanks for the info

I found the games you have lised shortly before you put them on hot uk deals. It is a very good deal. I bought Bejing Olympics online. All otrher games for £10 are for store collection only, which is ****, cos my nearest store is miles and miles away. But it is not based on where the store is located, just thought I would let people know. I will rate this deal as hot. :thumbsup:

Got this in Zavvi, Castlepoint, Bournemouth for £7.99 yesterday. Also Frontline Fuel of War at same price.
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