PS3 Move Starter Pack - £28.49 (with Price Match) @ PC World & Currys

PS3 Move Starter Pack - £28.49 (with Price Match) @ PC World & Currys

Found 18th Apr 2011
I just picked up a couple of PS3 Move Controllers from PC World for £21.68 each by price-matching with Game (or John Lewis). It's not a massive saving over Game or John Lewis but still worth it!

The Starter Pack is priced at £44.99 so if my maths is any good then you should also be able to pick that up for £28.49 by price-matching Game.

A word of advice; don't trust he PC World or Currys online stock check as the PC World website said my local store had none in stock only for me to pop in and find they had plenty!


Still a good deal, but as a personal preference: Please don't take the price of one product and the picture of another as this is slightly confusing. I would recommend raising the price to 28,49 and mentioning the move controller in the description.
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Hi there, sorry about the misleading price and image. This is my first post so I wasn't aware of exactly how the information was formatted. I've updated it all now though!
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Putting my neck on the line here, but this price match gubbins... How exactly does it work? I always seem to cop for some snotty little badit wo won't even look at other sites and have to vacate the shop before I wrap the rest of my shopping - a loaf and 6 cans of beans - around their head!?!

If only they did it online.
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