PS3 Naughty Bear £7.01 at costco

PS3 Naughty Bear £7.01 at costco

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I think Costco have discontinued stocking the PS3 title "Naughty Bear" it's marked up at £5.97 +VAT.


Don't suppose you'd mind stick Costco in the title, just that I bet a lot of people can't get accounts there so theres no point looking at these deals.


i think most PS3 games in Costco are

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Well I picked up one copy from the Milton Keynes store at the weekend. They had plenty of copies, not all were marked down but according to the assistant they will go through the tills at the lower price!

Purchased one on Thursday Xbox 360 version, thought I'd go back over the weekend as they also had Tiger Woods 11 on the Xbox 360 for £7.97 plus VAT (£9.36) but they only had a few games all around the £30 mark.

sweet, awesome gonna pop down. was there any other games on?

good price but rented this before and thought it was so boring

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I didn't see any others, if you find some please let us know.

good price but terrible game


i think most PS3 games in Costco are

someone's edited my post?! hmmmm



someone's edited my post?! hmmmm

If anyone edits a post, even a mod, the edit timestamp displays under the post with the name of the person editing. Is it possible that you submitted your post before completing it or accidentally reformatted it before submission ? If you do see any other then please report again, thanks.
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Pretty shocking game...tbh I don't even think it's worth £7...


This is without a doubt the worst game I've ever played and I paid £30 quid for it on release!!

Such a shame thought this game was gonna be well funny!

didn't think it would take this long to get in th bargain bin though

meant to be crap but the trailers are very funny

Its a game based on the little teddies that you can buy from the goth shops along with Dragons, wizards and Tigers Eye stones.

love this game personally, however just went to haydock to buy it as a present and was told the deal has been localised to only 1 or 2 costco sites because they had a low stock and any store that had a normal stock level hadn't been discounted :-(
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