PS3 Playstation 3 40Gb + Burnout Paradise £300/£266 Instore @ zavvi

PS3 Playstation 3 40Gb + Burnout Paradise £300/£266 Instore @ zavvi

Found 25th Jan 2008
Zavvi are selling PS3 40gb with free copy of Burnout Paradise for £300
(appears to be in store only at the moment)

If you have the Virgin Mastercard you can get 10%off this, including £4 off the free game

Making it a sweet £266 for the deal.


I'm surprised there aren't more comments on this deal! Even £300 with a decent free game seems to be a good deal considering the console appears to be £300 on it's own just about everywhere else!

I concur!

Sorry... Just been doing my crossword!

not sure you will get the 10% discount using virgin credit card at Zavvi, reason I say this is they informed me that they are not allowed to discount the bundles...
I bought a Wii yesterday with 2 games, for £230, expecting a discount, but rebuked at the counter...
shame cos I was also going to go for this deal!
If you have joy getting discount I would be happy to know.
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