PS3 Queen Singstar @Currys Digital Instore £9.97

PS3 Queen Singstar @Currys Digital Instore £9.97

Found 8th Feb 2010Made hot 9th Feb 2010
Went to Currys Digital in oxford street, london and saw Queen selling for £9.99
I presume it would be nationwide...
I bought one copy


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Sorry, I just checked my receipt.. It's CurrysDigital that I bought it from...

Silly question - why does the link take you to Dixons?

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sorry, I thought I went to dixon to buy the game but in fact it was currys..

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anyhow, i think it is instore only..

they have had this for ages at this price (saw it jsut before Christmas) but when i went back the 3 they had sold within 24 hours this was Slough store BTW

We are the Champions, my friends....We'll keep on making deals to the end...We are the Champions, We are the Champions , We are the friends ....

Its amazing what you can do once you've had breakfast !!!

Comes with free Brian May wig, Freddie Mercury ermin robe and Roger Taylor er... schoolgirl outfit. ;-)

(Not really) :roll:
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