PS3 - Resistance : Fall of man only £19.96 (inc P&P) from UWISH

PS3 - Resistance : Fall of man only £19.96 (inc P&P) from UWISH

Found 26th Nov 2007Made hot 26th Nov 2007
One of the most popular ps3 titles you all know the game's outline so I'm not writing it all out.

Cheapest price I've found online
(Mightyreds listed Shopto at only a few pence more)
Ebay prices are fluctuating up & down but I know who I'd rather trust with my money!

6% Quidco Cashback


Great game, voted hot.

and you get a free Xmas CD!

6% Quidco don't forget (if it tracks)

Sorry, only just put my glasses on :giggle:


Good stuff fella RFoM is a great game- voted hot x

good deal , ordered mine;-)


To scared not to especially after seeing the trailer for your new movie!.....guess that's where you've been?..... you know.....promotional work and all.....

Catch up with you soon agent 47.

Hi there,

Long time reader, first time poster

I just clicked on the link and the price is now showing as £21.96 instead of £19.96.

Great find though, now i need to work out how to use this site properly :giggle:

The price has definitely gone up to £21.96. Still not a bad price but is now cheaper.

Looks to be back at £19.96

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