PS3 » Sony Official Sixaxis Controller (PS3) £18.99 delivered

PS3 » Sony Official Sixaxis Controller (PS3) £18.99 delivered

Found 3rd Jun 2008
best deal ive seen as postage is free, most seem to be a £1 more plus postage. i know you can get 2 for £35 but if you only need one this is your best bet!


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because six-axis are the old models - wait for the dualshock 3 to be released soon (or get one off cdwow) :thumbsup:

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dual shock 3s wont be released for ages, although saying that ive ordered one that should be on its way.
Just posted this as i thought someone might benefit from it - i sold one of these second hand for £22.50 on last week!!!

The same arguments always come up between sixaxis and the rumble version. If you want my ten cents, I've never even noticed the rumle wasn't there with my sixaxis and with regards to the usual guff about it being of lower quality than the (yet unreleased) rumble pack controller, I doubt it. I've been banging mine about for the last six months and its held together well.

I'm buyin one. £35 is too expensive for a controller... rumble or not. Heat and rep added.;-)
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