(PS3) Soul Calibur IV Only £9.99 @ Comet (Online & Instore)

(PS3) Soul Calibur IV Only £9.99 @ Comet (Online & Instore)

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With the souls in blade, the Ultimate battle unfolds... Engrave your name in history.

The latest series of the pinnacle of 3D weapon fighting Soul Calibur arrives on PS3. Two swords at their ultimate form of evolution during the reincarnation of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, something else has awakened as the battle between the two swords comes to the final phase, with the resurrection of whom created those swords. Nightmare in its ultimate form awaits Siegfried for the final battle. What lies ahead for the characters twisted by its destiny?

Online Only For Collect & Store.


Good find, already have it I would snap it up.

Website says it's collect from story only.


Website says it's collect from story only.

Yep as he has advertised. Has been this before but sold out.:thumbsup:

This is an amazing game!
been waiting for this to drop in price for ages!
i play the demo more than most other demos i have on my PS3!!

Can't order as IE says errors on page when click onto collect in store. D*m.
Hopefully be there at 6 tonight when get home

Nice find

collect from store only and none in the three stores in my area :-(

Picked this up a few days ago, a great deal! :thumbsup:

"Online Only For Collect & Store."

I've been doing a lot of that in the last few months with all the 'bargains' advertised here at HotUKDeals.

I may even make head roads into the pile of games I have collected & stored around Easter... 2019 (or twenty past 8 to the rest of us).

A very good game when it was released at £49.99... I paid £34.99 with a GAME £5 off £30 voucher (and 9% QuidCo thereafter) for the GAME Exclusive Case including Bonus DVD with 4 HD trailers, 4 Wallpapers & Exclusive Concept Arts, plus an Exclusive Booklet with character biographies.

However, I've never even opened the extras.

An excellent buy at £17.99 just before Christmas, and a 'steal' at this price.

You are also able to download the "Soul Calibur IV - Additional Character: Yoda (Game Pack)" (7,299Kb) from the PlayStation Store for £3.19 (or whatever it is now) to match the character within the Xbox 360 variant.

There are also Weapons Game Packs & Costume Character Packs (as well as a special release with Christmas wear for two of the in-game characters).

Online play is a little 'laggy' at times, but other than that a 'must have' fighting game if you like this genre.

It sold 2 million copies worldwide in the first week of release too, I believe.




managed to bag meself a copy!

Excellent find - just picked up one but the case was marked up at £34.99 asked them to check the price and it it came up as £9.99. This was in the Cardiff, Newport rd branch.

Not in stock anywhere near me

My three local Comet stores only have a selection of about half a dozen video games each and never have any of these kinda hot bargains, but it's a good deal if you can find it.

Is there stock anywhere!?!?

anyone fancy picking me one up?

excellent, thank you - reserved at my local store, heading down after work!


Not in stock anywhere near me

Same here.


Great Game, Great Price, Great Online Community, In Depth Once You Get Past The Button Bashing Stage. 10/10

Just tried:

- Central London
- Croydon
- Milton Keynes
- Southend
- Chelmsford

Each time it gives you the three nearest stores and none of them have it in stock.

bought this at launch, well worth a tenner, voted hot

Thanks OP. Reserved one in Crawley.

how much is it for xbox 360, might have a look in my local comet if it's a similar price... ?

Yeah its a bargain if you can find it
Otherwise you have to travel to your local and just hope.

I mean once, I tried to reserve.. said out of stock. (at a much earlier date around before new year IIRC)
Went to the store and there was plenty there! But at £39.99 (Admittadly I should have scanned the item for the price but didnt do this at the time)
Asked the lady at customer service who said you could only reserve to get it as online price so wasted journey for me.
Got home and double checked and was still out-of-stock!

Now it just says for me for my three nearest stores - "Sorry, Collect from Store not available"

GREAT if you get it

Good luck!

None in stock!!

exactly...tried 2 post codes in manchester and 1 in london and there is no stock anywhere near me..

Okay, so what's the point in this? No offense to the OP, this is a wicked deal if you can get it, but it doesn't seem like Comet want you to get it at this price. Checked online for all stores I'm close to, & none of them allow me to order online. So I go into the Kidderminster branch today, & it's £39.99... So as far as I'm concerned, this is just Comet having a laugh at our expense

Posted this, along with a few other cheap games in my thread a couple of days ago.


You'll be very lucky to get it at this price though.

fantastic deal.

*sulks as all this gets heat whilst my thread didn't*


Is there stock anywhere!?!?

Yes Crawley, but too far for me,

Guys if you see it in stock nevermind the price, ask them to check the price at it WILL show up as £9.99.
I know as I just did this earlier - a lot of the stores dont reprice them but at the till will be the discounted price.

good price voted hot.

reserved me a copy - slight benefit of living in the sticks

saw this hotdeal a couple of hours ago & luckily for me my local has it in stock, just picked up a new & sealed copy, one of the rare occasions where my local store actually have a bargain instock lol.

it seem the smaller stores may have it in stock, the bigger stores in bigger cities seems all sold out, may be because the lurkers who saw this deal & just reserved righ away, & bigger stores have bigger customer bases & all sold out before the price reduction. So for once living in a small city with a big store is a good advantage

No Stock

No stock online, no stock in Kent.

voted hot

Got mine from the aintree store in liverpool and they had a few. Am surprised they had any as they dont normally have any decent offers at my local.

Glad i waited as was thinking of getting at the weekend as it was £20 but now saved £10 towards another game

Shocking, no stock in the grimsby store

i got this from my local comet in durham last week for £9.99 - was on the sticker as that price.

i had the collectors edition for 360 but i now have the ps3 one to match, and i can play as vader without having to pay for a download that i can never sell.


Posted this, along with a few other cheap games in my thread a couple of … Posted this, along with a few other cheap games in my thread a couple of days ago.http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4028303#post4028303You'll be very lucky to get it at this price though.


*sulks as all this gets heat whilst my thread didn't*

I got this for £9.99 in Comet Watford yesterday because of your thread. Much obliged. Rep added! :thumbsup:

Thanks again - collected this evening - price was ripped off the clear plastic seal and went through / collected at £9.99

Sorted! :thumbsup:
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