PS3 Wired Controller - Woolies own brand - £4.49

PS3 Wired Controller - Woolies own brand - £4.49

Found 11th Dec 2008
Just been into local Woollies and they had a load of these.
Marked up at £4.99 but 10% off


not keen on non sony controllers sorry..

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I'm not keen on Sony controllers full stop but it's still a bargain...


Wired controllers? how last gen.

This instore only?

I guess there might be 'some' problems if you need to take it back next year


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True. But £4.49 as opposed to £39.99 when you just want to be humiliated by your kids on a multiplayer game ;o)

i wonder if it'll work on pc's since they're usb's.. never been bothered to try connected my ps3 controllers to the pc..

Good luck taking it back when it breaks...
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