PS3 / XBOX 360 Game CSI Fatal Conspiracy - £9.99 @ Play.com
PS3 / XBOX 360 Game CSI Fatal Conspiracy - £9.99 @ Play.com

PS3 / XBOX 360 Game CSI Fatal Conspiracy - £9.99 @ Play.com

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PS3 or XBOX 360 Game

CSI Fatal Conspiracy £9.99 @ Play.com

Getting A PS3 for Xmas and quite fancied this game CSI fan and love these style games.

Cheapest could find is £14.93 for PS3 and Xbox and seems to be in and out of stock constantly.

So thought this was a decent price :-)


Guaranteed to suck ( I say this having played CSI games in the past, and being a CSI fan) but well worth buying at this price I reckon.

any idea on the wii price?

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any idea on the wii price?

Hi Cartzuk unfortunately at play Wii is £17.99 but cheapest i could find it is Amazon or Tesco for £14


Thanks, cheapest by quite a bit.

Amazon have pricematched it seems.

thanks eeyore013 - didnt realise there is 2 versions out. might paly the first version before looking at this one.

Good price but I turned the demo off half way through it was that bad.

Cex will give exchange for £13!!!

the first 2 CSI games are very easy 1000 gamerscore and i preume this will be too.
however since i am more of a ps3 guy these days, cheap platinum for sure

hot for the price, but like N43 I found the demo pretty dreadful to be honest

having played previous CSI games these really are poor with very little effort put in by the devs. They already have the game mechanics and characters from the previous versions so all you get is a change of background picture.

If you are a big fan of CSI then save money and rent this - each mission lasts about 2 hours to do everything and get 100%, and these typically have 4 or 5 missions. Rent it, play it for a couple of nights, complete it and take it back for just the cost of the rental.

There's a demo of this on PSN (not sure about XBLA) if anyone wants to try it. I actually quite liked it, It's a lot better than I remember the last one I played being. My only gripe is purely cosmetic, it looks absolutely awful for a PS3 game. I was actually annoyed when the demo ended just as the case was getting interesting lol. At £9.99 I'd say it's worth it.

this game is **** awful !
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