PS3 + XBox 360 games sale @ WH Smith
Popped into WH Smiths in Newcastle-under-lyme today for a bit of a browse, and noticed they'd moved all the PS3 and XBox 360 games off the wall they were normally on, and onto a seperate stand. All the games they had on there were reduced. The ones i remember seeing :

COD4: Modern Warfare (Not 2) : £14
Dead Space : £9
Street Fighter 4 : £19
Mercenaries 2 : £9
Singstar Abba : £14

I didn't look to closely as i've bought too many games recently so knew i'd be to tempted if i kept looking, but there were quite a few different games for both formats, at least 20 i'd say.

Don't think it'll be individual store only, as they had a special sale shelf edge thingy across all of it. I'd be interested to hear if others have seen something similar in their WH Smiths!


Good price for COD4 And the rest actually!

good deal :-)

some very good prices :thumbsup:

Lots of the WH Smiths don't sell games at all now so good luck . . .

mercs 2 4.98 at blockbusters and as for cod4 most of them dont carry it
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