This deal expires on 16 July 2024 at 22:59
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Up to £300 Cashback when you spend at least £750 on 2 or more qualifying Hisense products

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    Total Spend / Reward Amount
    £750.00 - £999.99 = £100
    £1,000.00 - £1,499.99 = £200
    £1,500.00+  = £300
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    I’ve got a Hisense American fridge freezer and it’s brilliant
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    Mines just broke in 3 years not viable to fix
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    I wouldn't buy Hisense again, after my just-out-of-warranty 2 and a bit year old dishwasher blew up a chip on its main PCB.
    I paid £170 for their out-of-warranty repair service, who took 2 weeks to send an engineer, who arrived with completely the wrong part.
    I then had to wait 2 weeks for another engineer, who came with the right PCB, plugged it straight in, and the same chip blew itself to pieces.
    Another 2 weeks wait, and an engineer finally came out with another PCB, and a replacement inlet hose (which was the cause of the PCB blowup).

    It's ridiculous, that a faulty inlet hose can cause the main PCB to explode. It's built to a price, and I guess that price means no internal fuses between high voltage components. (edited)
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    People say the same about Samsung's warranty and who they contract to repair appliances. Just thought I'd mention
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    ouff, maybe 1 OLED + 1 something else?
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    Maybe a soundbar to pair with your new OLED?

    Anyway, I have updated the description with a list of qualifying products. Please have a look. (edited)
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    My parents have a hisense tv at their home which is almost 8 years old and has been fine apart from the remote control needing changing every couple of years. My bro has had a Hisense fridge for a few years too which is also fine.
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    Same here old 65 inch hisense still going strong 8 yr old and no issues just want a newer model now with better picture quality
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    We've had a Hisense fridge freezer we got second hand about 6 years ago and has been absolutely fine.
  7. be_vigilant's avatar
    75U8NQTUK is on the list but AFAIK it's not even released yet. Waiting to see which is better that or the latest TCL. Or the older 2022 LG OLED for not too much more...
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    Just got a £990 fridge freezer so are there any items under £200 that anyone can find? Which would be effectively free?
    Out of the list I suppose main need would be TV's. So 50U6NQTUK would only cost £69

    Hmm annoyingly they don't seem to include their mini fridges in the deal (RL...) (edited)
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    Just bought this 4K QLED for £600 but looks like it doesn’t qualify by the model no? 75E7KQTUK
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    Where did you get that from
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    Still chasing cash-back from over 28 days ago that was awarded and not paid still. Not sure if others have had similar experience.
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    This is a false economy. Hisense is a very poor budget brand that they are desperate to flog to unsuspecting buyers thinking they are getting a bargain!
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