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Microsoft 365 Family 6 People and McAfee Unlimited Devices £44.99 / £39.99 with marketing signup including 6TB cloud storage @ Argos

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:


Step 1: Generate £5 off £40 spend using


Step 2: Claim 3 additional months for free


This gives you 15 months of Microsoft 365 family including 6TB storage for £39.99.

Works out at 2.67 a month.

Can be shared between 6 people.

Also, it's stackable!

This package includes 6TB of online cloud storage.
Argos More details at Argos

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    I've enabled auto-renewall and got the extra month but is it alright to turn off/cancel sub straight away any still keep the service until the end date? - the cancellation process looks a bit sinister; "if you cancel now, loss of service - end of benefits etc."

    Yes cancel it and you keep the free month.... I did this the other day, turned ON, got the free month, waited 30 mins, turned OFF reoccuring payment... then I applied my newly purchased key from Argos to get another 12 months....then I submitted my extra 3 month claim from Microsoft and in 5 hours I'd got the 3 months bonus....so 4 months extra for free.
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    Quick update
    Purchased a 12 month Keys at £39.98
    Redeemed 3 extra months using m365promo.microsoft.com/
    Given an additional month for activating automatic renewal (which I've now deactivated)
    16 months for £39.98
    £2.50 per month.

    If you turn off auto renewal between stacking codes, you may be able to get repeated 1 month free for reactivating auto renewal. (edited)
    When you say this is stackable, do you mean that I can buy three codes and use office 365 for the years or that I can use it for three times as many people?
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    Great deal and don’t forget they stack
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    Can this be used with existing family 365 subscriptions? I can see it stacks so I assume that’s a yes?
    YEP! I think there is a limit to max 5 years?
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    Ordered, thanks OP
    I ordered yesterday evening
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    Or buy Office 2021 for under £20 permanently
    I think of this as buying 6TB of cloud storage for a bargain price and getting Office for free.
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    365 is decent for the year, but the mcafee is terrible, wouldnt touch it with a barge pole
    I've been told you can sell the additional security voucher for approximately £11 online further reducing the overall price. (edited)
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    Nice find, thank you!
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    You can sell the McAfee for about£10 eBay or give it as a present like I have in the past,this is a good deal with the £5 off
    Like you said, £5 off might become £15 with a cheeky McAfee sale, or perhaps a nice gift for granny! (edited)
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    Anyone else having their order fail and the voucher code being rejected on the second attempt? - mobile order.
    I managed to place two orders and received 2 separate confirmation emails. (edited)
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    Thanks OP got extra 3 month didn't get one for auto renew used that a lot previously though
    When I tried it was denied as I didn't have a qualifying purchase (of android tablet, extended warranty etc.) can you tell me what option you chose/how you bypassed that part? Thanks.
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    Been waiting for this to go live again, as my subscrition runs out next month. Just ordered!
  13. Avatar
    comes up at £179
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    Tried to sell mcafee on ebay but informed I cant because resale is only authorised for certain sellers. Anyone have any luck?
    in ebay T&C's you're not allowed to sell digital goods/codes, i know people still do but ebay wont side with either party if it goes wrong. best to try and sell it on facebook or gumtree
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    I need it but not McAfee, what other AV do these bundles come with?
    The AV key is seperate you don't have to use it. (edited)
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    Marketing signup doesn’t seem to work, saying “Sorry, your email is not valid for this promotion”
    Use an alternative email. Use 10 minute mail. It just means you've used one of their vouchers before. (edited)
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    This seems to be blocking certain email domain names - what a pain in the bottom
    Use 10 minute mail or an alternative email that you own. It's because you've used one of their money off vouchers historically.
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    Sorted, thanks OP!
  19. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
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    Ordered couple of hours ago and it is still pending on Argos. Is it normal to take this long?

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    Anyone having issues ordering? Trying to use a gift card to pay for it. Successfully accepts voucher code and gift card, when I click confirm the next page comes up with oops this is embarrassing...I'm ready to throw my phone across the room
    I used PayPal so no idea! Maybe just pay using a credit card and leave the gift card for another time?
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    How many years can you stack up?
  23. Avatar
    Thanks OP 🏻
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    I can't seem to generate a code, it says not valid for my e-mail address. Any ideas?
    Fix this by using my hotmail. Seemed anything@mydomain.com wasn't working.
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    Damn. Literally just paid full wack 48 hours ago.
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    Is it possible to use different domain names for the 6 accounts?
    As in 6 different email addresses to give to 6 different users? yes, they can be any email domains, Gmail, Hotmal, your own domain email. (edited)
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    Cheers OP

    Cheers OP (edited)
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    Very nice thanks for sharing 
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    Does anyone else see it come up as £179.94 after adding to the basket at £44.99? Same on 3 devices!
    Same here
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    Ordered. Just time. My subscription was expiring soon. Thanks OP
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    Just waited this morning to buy it, and appears now at 179 pounds!!??
  32. Avatar
  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    How can you get it down from £179.94 to 39.99? with a £5 off code??
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