PS3+Xbox360 - Devil May Cry 4 - £19.99 INSTORE @ Game

PS3+Xbox360 - Devil May Cry 4 - £19.99 INSTORE @ Game

Found 30th Apr 2008
Both in deal of the week at £19.99

You could always get PCWorld to price promise and bag it for £17.99.

Or be brave and try get PCWorld to price promise the Collector's Edition like i have just done and bag that for £17.49. Be warned though, the CE is not on offer at Game, the guy asked me i just said im not sure but he still did it.


Only when purchased with something else according to Wimbledon store.

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No, its £19.99 in deal of week.

Dont have to purchase anything.

Hot heat and rep added

Nope its when brought with anthor game, likewise for Kane & Lynch (£15)

R6V2 is there main "deal of the week" althoguh not quite called that

Well then the stores don't know this as the game is stickered with 19.99 when purchased with GTA 4. Have called 3 stores - Kingston, hounslow and wimbledon and was told as above, only with GTA 4.

Not saying your wrong, just saying that it's a no go where I am.

I have a game pamphlet infront of me (was instore 30mins ago) and it says £19.99 * when brought with any other xbox 360 Game and the offer is on until 14th May 2008

Those who ordered GTA IV got an email with codes to get DMC or Bully for 19.99 so it is likely to be a wbw GTA deal instore too.

You got lucky with PC world.

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Just called store where i saw it and im wrong, its when bought with GTA4, now i feel really guilty about getting PCWorld to PM.
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