PS4 500gb black £139 in store at sainsburys - Ashford

PS4 500gb black £139 in store at sainsburys - Ashford

Found 9th Feb 2017
Just seen this in sainsburys ashford and thought it looked like a good price. Unfortunately didn't have any left but someone might get lucky and find some.

Instore deal - See link for more info only


Heat added for an amazing price but I guess this is the ultimate definition of a wild goose chase when even the person posting the deal couldn't find one! oO

National? Anyone?

not a deal if no stock was even available where the sticker was.

I think the fact the sticker exsists mean there is stock nationally. Why would the sticker exsist if not.

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There wasn't any in the one sainsburys that I went to but it's not a clearance label so guessing it could be national so just posting to give someone a chance of finding one.

was this the slim model?

£239 for a PS4 slim without a game in Sainsbury's Broadstairs. Not a national deal it would seem

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This was not the slim model. It's the normal PS4. The slim was £239.
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This was not the slim model. It's the normal PS4. The slim was £239.

Must have been thinking of your other deal which was for a PS4 slim with a game, either way I think this'll be a wild goose chase for most of us


was this the slim model?

No it was the pro! :0

this one looks like a wild goose chase

Waste of time post. Unlikely to be anywhere, people are voting hot for a barcode....

Absolutely smoking hot if you can get hold of one at this price ...

This deal went hot for a sticker with no stock!!

Perfectly reasonable deal, in fact I actually sell the 1tb model for £95.... when I have none in stock.....!

I need this, the new beats and the Nintendo switch. God damn it.

How they say... ;-) .. trolling Sainsbury employee sits under shelf and prints such stickers for non-existing stock, laughing at HUKD users later ;-)

Ashford in Kent or Surrey?
Its important as I'm leaving now just in case they re-stock.


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Ashford in Kent.
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Picked one up what I thought was the right one today but scanned at £219.99

Guessing I picked up the wrong one

Great deal thanks very much I got last one in oldbury West Midlands sainsburys
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