PS4 and Xbox one games for £10 or less at Asda

PS4 and Xbox one games for £10 or less at Asda

Found 3rd Oct 2015
In store at Asda Northampton.

Many games are priced at £10 or less for both PS4 and Xbox One titles.

Xbox One Titles:

Witcher 3 - Wild hunt £10
Mortal Kombat X £10
Ride £10
Halo - Masterchief Collection £10
Dragon Age Inquisition £8
Wolfenstien £10
Minecraft £9

PS4 Titles:

Evolve £10
Farming Simulator 2015 £10
Project Cars £10

+ many others that I cannot recall.

Also many Xbox 360 and PS3 games at £10 and under.

Was told it was due to Asda believing that there wasn't enough money to be made in entertainment .........well there's definitely not at these!!!

I hope that this is early enough for many of you to pick up a bargain.....or two!!

Happy hunting!
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This has been posted many times recently. Yes I think by now everyone knows that asda is trying to get rid of their stock. Depends which store you visit, you can find other stuff that's been priced below average retail price. But this only happens when you visit that specific store...
Yet none of those reduced in my store
Unfortunately you're about two weeks late,surprised there's anything left X)
Bored of seeing these every asda is different......

Unfortunately you're about two weeks late,surprised there's anything left … Unfortunately you're about two weeks late,surprised there's anything left X)

They may be on shelves but actually in stock? Not likely lol the Huddersfield and dewsbury stores have been really slack at doing the oos labels etc
bought some items for £10 each in one store yesterday, same items in another store showing full price - aaarrrggghhhhhh
Amazing that no one has posted ASDA reductions before..... Oh wait!!! TRY SEARCHING!!
I realise that Asda reductions have already been posted recently, but as it is location specific I thought I would share news of the Northampton store and be specific of some of the games.
So hit and miss. Was in Brighton Asda last Sunday and got the girl to check the price of the Witcher. Still £40.
No point posting them really as someone will clear them out n flog them on ebay or cex. Lot of staff had first dibs on most the best games n consoles when they were 200 quid.
How many PS4 games did you see were there?
....and which Northampton site? There are three.
Far cotton, lots of Witcher 3 stock, over 30 copies, as of 13:00 today, 5 or 6 copies of the other xbox one games, as for PS4 games, at least 10 different titles, several copies of each, cannot remember them all, I don't own PS4 so I wasn't paying full attention to them....sorry!
Nice one, thank you. Will chance it first thing in the morning then!
Was hoping to bag a Witcher on PS4 but I doubt I'm that lucky! lol
Anybody checked blackburn asda?
Been this morning almost everything is gone, unless you want payday 2 for 20 or Cod Ghosts for 10 dont bother
I picked up Project Cars this morning for a tenner. I only noticed Payday and Wolfenstein left at the time.
At My asda the Manager had bought all the witchers Ps4 and Xbone sadly
What a ****. You'd think the manager coupd afford not to have to do stuff like that.
The Witcher is the holy grail for me, but Im happy enough with what I got.
Manager should be fired tbh.
seriously folks! the OP has told which local store these were found in - whilst you may not live in the vicinity or near enough to take advantage it is not all about you - there could be other folk who find this useful - just move on, stop reading posts that don't interest you and stop flaming others

that is all
Witcher 3 on xbox one for £10 - a real no brainer
I bought Metal Gear Solid: Revengence for £3
They had some good 3 games bundles for £8.50 at Asda Southampton
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