PS4 + Destiny £180.60 From Amazon Warehouse Deals

PS4 + Destiny £180.60 From Amazon Warehouse Deals

£180.60Amazon Deals
Found 27th May 2016
Not sure if this is a good deal or not, I don't know much about the different PS4 versions...
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looks like a great deal to me...tempted
the 2 for sale at £180.60 state that bundled game is not included. is that a typo or is it really not included
2nd hand!!
I've just bought something "used/good" from Amazon it seems fine to me, I'd be hard pushed to tell it from new and it still has warranty. I guess it bothers some people more than others!

2nd hand!!

A lot of lucky people seem to get "as new" customer returns. I never been lucky & wouldn't buy from them again.

Item is in original, pristine packaging. Bundled game is not included.

Which model of the ps4 is included? Is it the newer, quieter one?
Box says CUH-1004a which I believe to be the older model.
I have the OG black PS4 and my gf has the newer white C - Chassis variant, there's nothing between them in sound really, only difference I've noticed that the on/off and eject buttons are 'press in' style and not capacitive like the original and the hdd cover is matte not glossy. I wouldn't let the new style or old style PS4 sway you either way.
Expired, looks like they been bought!
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