Ps4 games from 39.99 @ DirectTVs

Ps4 games from 39.99 @ DirectTVs

Found 20th Dec 2013
So yeah i was searching for cheap ps4 games, and i came upon this. games for 40£...
the consoles are a bit pricy but the following games
fifa 14
battlefield 4
need for speed rivals are only around £39.99

Just found out p&p is around £10 according to there website, so its not really a good offer.
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Err is my deal legit?
9.95 standard delivery...
they are legit, got a store in Huddersfield.
love how the consoles are above RRP but the games are below RRP
The title is misleading lol
Badly as a deal I'm afraid it's a case of Norfolk & Goode
directvs ?? is this some sort of joke??
Great price on the games but really they're no cheaper than anywhere else I guess with the 9.95 delivery. That's shockingly disgraceful charges :-(
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