PS4 Killing Floor 2 Open Beta access Free
PS4 Killing Floor 2 Open Beta access Free

PS4 Killing Floor 2 Open Beta access Free

We're excited to announce that the OPEN BETA for KILLING FLOOR 2 PS4 will be live on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4th, 2016 and will contain the following content:

2 Multiplayer Modes – Survival and Versus


3 Maps – Burning Paris, Biotics Lab, Evac Point

1 Offline Training Mission

9 Perk Classes

14 Characters

Link includes EU and US versions!

EU link store.playstation.com/!/en-gb/games/killing-floor-2-beta/cid=EP0114-CUSA06954_00-KFGAME0000000001


original was a great game, 2nd never clicked with me but i did play early in the beta so there should be more weapons and classes now (nowt beats original london with a sharpshooter, trying to crossbow those fleshpounds before they close in)

either way deserves heat as the devs supported first one for years including seasonal events, through cosmetic-only DLC and 2nd seems to follow this. anyone interested in co-op horde wave mode FPS should give this a try as it's a lot of fun.

Absolutely loved the first one, my most played game on Steam (181 hours). For some reason haven't been desperate to give the second a try on PC. Downloading this now for sure! Anyone wanna join me?

I love it
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