[PS4] Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition £4.99 @ PSN

[PS4] Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition £4.99 @ PSN

Found 27th Mar
Plunge into the new Digital Complete Edition of Lords of the Fallen! Master the Challenge in the Ancient Labyrinth expansion containing a new location, loot and enemies led by a powerful new Lord. Embark on a Monk Decipher Quest, equip powerful Demonic Weapons or armors from the Lionheart Pack and enhance your powers with Arcane and Foundation Boosts.

Lords of the Fallen Digital Complete Edition includes:
• Full version of Lords of the Fallen
• Ancient Labyrinth DLC containing a new location with puzzles, new loot, enemies and a powerful Lord
• Monk Decipher Quest rewarding with a legendary artifact that shows hidden secrets
• Demonic Weapons Pack – a set of three powerful weapons
• The Lionheart Pack containing Courage Armor, The Lion’s Head shield and a hammer
• The Arcane Boost: 1 Spell Point and 3 small Sealed Runes
• The Foundation Boost: 2 Attribute Points and 1 Health Potion.
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Loved the game. Never played dark souls before and this got me into difficult games. Loved the music and setting but frustrating at times.
As a massive Souls fan, this is no Souls. However, it shouldn't be. It's much more forgiving. FTW I really enjoyed this game for what it was. Even talk of a sequel in the works. Well worth a fiver. I had a lot of fun with it.
Is this any good for the casual gamer?
djbenny13 h, 13 m ago

Is this any good for the casual gamer?

No. It's just barely any good full stop
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